Top Alice in Wonderland Costume Dresses

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Using an Alice in Wonderland dress is one of the most classic costume you can choose. Believe it or not, the original novel written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, AKA Lewis Carroll, is from back in 1865. And it is still getting new version and adaptation for the current generations.

As we all know, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland tells the story of a young girl whose curiosity lead her to fall through a huge hole and into the Wonderland. A fantastical place filled with odd people and weird creatures that look as if they’re taken straight out of your wildest dreams.

This book is considered one of the best, if not the best, example of the literary nonsense genre. Not only this, but it is also one of the most popular stories among people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.

The novel became so popular that it could not be contained in just a book. Alice in Wonderland is without one of the most influential written pieces in our modern culture. It has inspired musicals, movies -both live-action and animated-, TV shows, video games, comics and pretty much anything you can think of. Even Salvador Dalí painted 13 pieces based on Alice in Wonderland

Now, back to our thing, with how big and how excellent the character is, it’s only natural to choose to get an Alice in Wonderland dress, and we’re here to help you. To do so, we’re bringing you a list of the best Alice in Wonderland dresses you can get!

1. Alice in Wonderland Dress classic edition

Alice dress

There are many looks to choose from when you consider going for your Alice in Wonderland dress. But the classic blue-white look is still the most popular.

If you’re looking for that classic look, this is one of the best choices for you. And this beautiful dress is entirely handmade for your measurements. It even looks great without the added petticoat.


  • Handmade to your measurements
  • Looks bright and beautiful
  • You can get plenty of different designs
  • Seller allows you to order a customized version that suits the look you’re looking for
  • Looks exactly like the original
  • Hand-sewn using high quality materials

2. Burton’s Alice in Wonderland dress

If there’s one movie director that was born to make an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland it is Tim Burton. And while his version of the story raises mixed feelings, it is still one of the many versions of Alice out there.

After all, she did say “I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself you see”. So who are we to judge whether or not it’s a great Alice or not. In any case, this is a very beautiful dress inspired by that rendition of Alice, and whether or not is the real her, it’s really pretty.


  • Very spot on with the details
  • It has the option for custom size
  • The satin looks really good
  • It is fresh and breathable, even considering how long it is
  • You can customize it further with just some small details

3. Child Alice in Wonderland Dress Deluxe Alice Costume

Girl with Alice in wonderland dress

Let’s not forget that while we all love Alice, and people of every age dress as her or the characters from the book, she is still a girl. And as such, it would not be fair not not add this one here

While the first one could be asked with your own measurements, this one is mainly intended for childs and young teenagers. This is perfect for the little girl of the house to go to a tea party.


  • Nice attention to details
  • Includes her ribbon
  • The accents of the dress look beautiful
  • Nice details on the pinafore (the apron-like thingy)
  • Bright colors and high quality materials

4. Cos2be Costume For Alice: Madness Returns, Alice in Wonderland dress

Alice Madness Returns

While this may be a long stretch, specially coming from the one meant for children, we also have this. Alice: Madness Returns is a psychological horror action-adventure video game. Remember when I mentioned that the novel has inspired many to create new content based on it? Well this is one of those examples.

Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to American McGee’s Alice. These are incredibly odd interpretations of basically how would a gory, creepy and an over all not-so-Wonderland world. The game’s bizarre art and designs are also part of this alternate interpretation of Alice. Many people take it as “if Alice fell into a world made of dreams, there also has to be a world of nightmares”. And the game is a clear interpretation of the nightmare world


  • Looks spot on to the game’s design
  • Looks gory enough
  • Doesn’t come with the bloodstains so you can chose to paint it or not
  • It includes the zebra-print pantyhose
  • You’ll stand out from other Alice’s

5. White Rabbit Purse

Keep in mind that we’re here to make your life easier. This is why we also think that’s important to help you with any issue you may have when preparing your costume. One of the problems when you’re cosplaying or wearing any costume is storage. Most of the time pockets are not included. Since we know how important is to carry your smartphone and money -or any other small personal item- we have found this.

This beautiful white rabbit purse will go perfectly with your costume. You don’t have to get out of character if you can carry the white rabbit with you. And while it’s not big or anything, it will be alright for your phone and maybe some money.

Now you’re ready to explore Wonderland

If you’re still reading this, chances are that you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland just like me. It has inspired many great stories, artists and creations throughout time. It seems as if Lewis Carroll not only wrote just another story, but it’s more as if he created a new world.

This new world is a land where anything you can think about, no matter how odd or impossible it may seem, can become real. And now, with these dresses you can also fall through the hole in the ground, and explore the Wonderland