The Best Cruella de Vil costumes May, 2020

The Cruella de Vil character actually does inspire a lot of villains in the industry. There’s are fewer meaner villains than her, with her evil plan to use the dalmatian puppies skin for her clothing, you really have to work hard to think of an evil plan hat could beat this. You know how everyone cries when the dog n the movie dies? Well this woman wanted to do that to over a hundred puppies

Cruela is now a pop-culture icon that symbolizes evil. Created in 1956 by the English author Dodie Smith to be the main antagonist of her novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians. However the character’s popularity really started off with the Walt Disney Pictures 1961 animated adaptation

She has become one of the most recognizable villains in pop-culture and even in literature and films. It’s not everyday that you see a character all covered up in skins and trying to get over one hundred puppies killed for her to get a new clothing item. Due to her massive popularity, the character has appeared in many different representations

Musicals, live action movies, TV shows, animated films are only a few of the ways we’ve seen Cruella de Vil has been adapted. Ironically one of the best things about the character ad its adaptations it’s, in part, what makes her really evil. Her animal-made clothing is always recognizable, and that is what we’re going to be helping you here. So now we’ve gathered the best costumes and items you can use for your Cruella de Vil costume! (Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of any of these products)

1. California Costumes “Cruel Diva” adult costume

Cruella de vil costume 1

There is not much of a better way to describe Cruella as a “cruel diva” actually, so let’s just leave it like that. Still, if you pay attention, there’s one thing that’s kinda funny on this costume. Remember that evil plan she had to take the dalmatian puppies and use them to get her desired dalmatian fur stole? Well apparently on this costume, she was victorious on that one

If you want to portray a victorious and evil Cruella de Vil, this is just the one you should get. Also you’d only need a wig and the gloves and you should be ready to go. This sexy long dress and accessories will be just the thing.


  • Includes the dress, fur stole and fur cuffs
  • Excellent for the price
  • The fur stole feels as nice as it looks
  • You’ll catch a lot of attention
  • Excellent for a convention, Halloween of any costume party

2. Once Upon a Time inspired Cruella de Vil white fur coat

Fur coat

Alright so maybe on this one Cruella’s plan did not succeed, and that’s a good thing. This is inspired on her appearance in the TV show Once Upon a Time. As you may know, the show is a re-imagination of the characters from the fairy tales. In their episodes they usually have bolder and modern stories witht these characters, and sometimes they go for stories on what happened after the “happily ever after”

This one is expensive, but it is made with excellent quality materials. And while it may look a little bit too cruel, it does include some black fur parts to look like the tails of dogs. It is pretty actually heavy too, and the drape is non-detachable so keep that in mind too,


  • Excellent quality materials
  • Handmade to your measurements
  • While big and heavy, it looks incredibly realistic
  • Deluxe level costume
  • You get just what you’re paying for, and that’s an amazing thing

3. Forplay Women’s Devilish – Cruella inspired costume

Bolder cruella de vil costume

This is a bolder and sexier take on the character as you see. It is more revealing than you might expect from the character, especially if you have the cartoon version in mind. But keep in mind that, as mentioned on the first costume on the list, she is, after all, a cruel diva. So it’s natural to see her in these kind of bold costumes.

The suit itself looks very good, and it is actually comfortable. It’s pretty nice to give the character a different look from what you may come to expect when you first think of it. Changing the character look, but keeping the key aspects intact is a great way to get a lot of attention while still being recognized


  • The costume set includes bodysuit, dalmatian cape, gloves and the fake cigarette holder
  • The 4-piece costume is pretty versatile and easy to addapt
  • It is made with excellent materials and it’s easy to take care of
  • Perfect if you’re in a warmer area and don’t want to carry a huge fur coat
  • Pretty bold and nice looking

4. Black and white curly wig

cruella de vil black and white costume wig

Of course, there’s not such thing as a complete Cruella de Vil costume without her emblematic hair. The black and white hair is very important for the character, one of those key elements we always talk about. It really does not matter the hairstyle, but the color is very important

Even though through the years her hairstyle has changed a lot, the coloring stood the same. This is a very modern-looking hairstyle that would go great with pretty much any of the costumes and accessories on this list, so it should be on your list if you want to get a Cruella de Vil costume


  • A must-have with any Cruella de Vil costume
  • Looks and feels great
  • Comfortable and fresh
  • Easy to brush and keep in shape
  • No scratchy feeling
  • Natural looking
  • Very inexpensive

5. Red Satin Gloves

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This is a great accessory for your Cruella de Vil costume, and one you should get. There’s not much to be said about them though. They were not especially made for a Cruella costume, in fact they were not made for any costume. These are actual opera satin gloves.


  • They look just like real gloves… probably because they are real gloves
  • Nice and comfy, especially if it’s cold outside
  • Great fit and materials

That’s all fur now

-Sorry about the pun- So, that’s it for now, pretty much everything you might need to rock out your Cruella de Vil costume. You’ll be the one of the most evil villains in no time with these amazing costumes and accessories. All with zero animal damage of course, don’t worry!

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