Beware, The Best Bowsette Cosplay Costumes Are Here!

A Bowsette cosplay is a new level of fandom since she is not an official Nintendo character (at least not yet). This more humanized version of Mario’s classic villain Bowser was created in 2018 to resemble Princess Peach with a power-up. Since then she has been stunningly brought to life in the renowned cosplayers Sneaky’s Bowsette cosplay and Momokun’s Bowsette cosplay.

The Sneaky Bowsette Cosplay

Bowsette’s popularity rise was really fast, like, really, really fast. Very soon she was all over the internet and the fans really seem to love her so much that they have already started creating other characters like her based on the game series

Since the character is fan-made, creating a the best Bowsette cosplay isn’t actually too hard. You can pretty much make it however you want, there are just a few details to keep in mind.

And keeping that in time, here we’ve brought you a list of costumes and accessories that are just the thing you’re looking for for your Bowsette cosplay!

1. Bowsette cosplay from Mario

Now, if you really just don’t know where to start, this is where. This set includes pretty much everything you need to rock that Bowsette cosplay. Complete with the crown, brooch, bracelets, bodysuit, the horns and even shell and tail. As you can see on this picture, it is very detailed and nicely made


  • A very complete set
  • Nice materials
  • Great quality
  • Excellent for the sexy version of Bowsette
  • Astonishing attention to detail

2. Bowsette cosplay costume and craft

And this is another handmade combo set for a Bowsette cosplay that’s just waiting for you. In this one you get to cosplay a different style of Bowsette. This time you get a nice skirt and dress, the bodysuit is also included as well as all the other accessories. But this version of a Bowsette cosplay is a little closer to a princess-like version of the character, which is pretty cool


  • A more royal-like approach to the character
  • Covers more skin, in case you don’t really like to show so much
  • Comfortable materials
  • Artificial leather stretches and looks incredible
  • The 3D printed parts look great

3. Super Mario Bowsette Cosplay Costume Dress

Now, this takes the royal style we were talking about just now to the next level. This looks exactly like the original first appearance of Bowsette. Of course, this dress is excellent to start up your cosplay, since you will ned some accessories to get it ready.


  • Nicely done
  • You’ll feel like a princess. An evil princess though
  • The fabric is comfortable and breathable
  • Spot on design

4. XCOSER Super Mario Bowsette Cosplay
Golden Wig Accessory

Bowsette does have a rather unique hairstyle, and in order to save you from all the trouble of fixing your hair for hours and hours to make it look similar we found this. With this wig not only you’ll get a beautiful color and shine, but you will never loose the rather funky hairstyle this character likes to use

5. CrazyCatCos Super Mario Bowsette Super Crown Boosette Cosplay

This is one of the key elements that can’t be missing from your Bowsette cosplay. Whether you choose to go for a royal, a sexy or even like, a bowsette on pajamas, the crown is key.

Remember that the character is made to be something like an upgraded version of Princess Peach, and the crown is the power-up item. Besides, come on, just look at it, it’s super cute!


  • Super cute
  • Incredible quality
  • Looks like it’s taken straight out of a Mario game
  • Environmental-friendly resin

6. Fashion Thirsty Women Studded Ankle Boots Buckle Biker Strappy Flat Shoes Size

You might be thinking right now something like ‘wait, these are not made for cosplay’, and you’re right. These boots are not originally intended for a Bowsette cosplay, or to cosplay in general. However, they are not very expensive and look pretty nice, and if you check out the details they do match nicely with Bowsette’s spikes and dark colors


  • Zip fastening works great
  • You can wear them on your daily life
  • Not too expensive

7. Macoking Leather Bracelet Punk Spike

These bracelets are excellent for complimenting any other detail of Bowsette cosplay you are looking to make. Remember that you can make of Bowsette whatever you want, especially since she’s not an official Nintendo character


  • They look great
  • Excellent everyday accessory
  • You can adapt them to any Bowsette cosplay

So, let’s wrap it up then

Bowsette is a clear proof of what the internet is capable of creating. Even though the character was largely used in adult content, it really came a long way to where it is now. Bowsette is now popular with fans, gamers and cosplayers, and even some professional manga artists have taken the time to illustrate her. Now it is up to you to breathe life into this amazing fan made character!

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