Top 10 Harry Potter Costumes

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The Harry Potter costumes are now a big tradition all over the world. The books are of course a huge thing, but the costumes probably became more famous thanks to the movies. Of course, getting a more visual version of the thing really helped out a lot. Probably one of the most popular fantasy novel … Read more

Our Top 5 Persona 5 Cosplay Costumes

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Persona 5 cosplay is a massive upcoming trend on the scene. Not only is Persona 5 an excellent video game, or game series, but it is also a great anime. The critically-acclaimed series of JRPG games that go by the Persona name started off as a spin-off of the Megami Tensei saga. Now, there are … Read more

Easy Cousin Itt Costume

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A good Cousin Itt costume is pretty hard to come by actually. And it kinda makes sense when you think about it. You see, usually cosplay wigs are pretty expensive, and all that fake hair is tough material to work with. As you all know, Cousin Itt is one of the characters of the Addams … Read more

Top Money Heist Costumes

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Choosing the top Money Heist costumes can very very tricky. You’ve seen the show, it’s not like they have odd anime clothing or something like that. However they do have one very peculiar outfit, you know where we’re going with this. While some people might think that Money Heist is a Netflix original series, it … Read more

Top Stranger Things Costumes

Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty hard to pick the top Stranger Things costumes around, and the reason is very simple. Even with all the strange things that happen in the show, the main idea is that this happened in our normal world. This means that in the small town of Hawkins, people would … Read more

Top It costumes

Before talking about the top It costumes, remember that I’ve already mentioned one on my top Halloween costumes for 2019 list, but since we’re getting closer and closer to October, there’s no harm in checking out more costumes based on It. After all, it is possibly the coolest horror movies to come out this year, … Read more

Top Cosplay Tips From A Pro

Whether you’re new to cosplaying or an old pro, everyone has had to start somewhere. All costumes take practice, creativity and imagination and if you’re just starting to get into it, there are a lot of great and easy tips to help build your ideal cosplay. When making a costume, find and print as many … Read more

My top Halloween costumes for 2019

Today I’m going to talk about my top Halloween costumes for 2019 as a little list just for you. When the color of the leaves start to change and Autumn knocks the door, you know that means that Halloween is just ’round the corner Getting your Halloween costume ready is the best way to make … Read more