How to Break Down Costumes for Maximum Effect

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Both on stage and off, if a costume shows that it has just come off the sewing table it’s not going to do the character any justice. Until recently clothes were worn all the time for years at a time. Your coat was your outer-most layer to protect you from the elements and we weren’t … Read more

The Trials of Freelance Costuming

Costume is a difficult and tedious profession to navigate on its own but the fact that most of it involves working as a “career-freelancer” has a huge impact on professionals’ finances, spare time and family. The BBC’s Sherlock and Lady Chatterley‘s Lover┬ácostume designer Sarah Arthur recently revealed the challenges she constantly faces. “You do lose … Read more

Five Essentials to Surviving the Costume Profession


Eve Salter went freelance after 22 years working for Granada Studios and ITV on major TV shows and faced a gruelling schedule to get established independently while also raising her son as a single mother. “The odds were against me even with a fabulous CV. With Costume Designer and Head of Department credits I never … Read more

Student’s Big Idea to Help Costume Professionals


Angela Harrop was a costume design student balancing her studies with a hectic placement at ITV studios when she had a bold new idea to help artists in her industry find work. Last year a web designer was able to finally realise her innovation of a database called Costume Daily. Harrop told the Costume Rag … Read more