Superstitchious: Gorgeous Medieval Gothic Dresses

Interview with superstitchious, featuring her arwen Lord of the Rings dress in a medieval gothic style

Under the guise of Superstitchious, Zarah makes customised gothic clothing with a twist of medieval fantasy. Her most famous clients are the black metal band Hecate Enthroned. What inspired you to get into costume? My path into costume design stemmed naturally from my interest in sewing and customising things, as well as my love of … Read more

The Secrets of Authentic Costume

the secrets to authentic costume victorian dress lady

Whether you’re into cosplay, reenactment or simply dressing up for the sake of it, you probably want to look more like you’ve stepped out of a costume drama than out of a fancy dress shop. This is an issue that confronts every costume fan at some point and can be a “rookie error” that never … Read more

Mead Tasting and Beard Contests: Ready for Jorvik Viking Festival?

Jorvik, viking, candles, chainmail, armour

The 2018 JORVIK Viking Festival will be the first since the reimagined JORVIK Viking Centre opened at Easter 2017, and takes York’s Norse history right back to its ‘origin’ story – the invasion of the Anglo Saxon city of Eoforwic by the Great Viking Army on 1 November 866. More Parading than Pillaging “The Vikings appeal … Read more