The Secrets of Authentic Costume

the secrets to authentic costume victorian dress lady

Whether you’re into cosplay, reenactment or simply dressing up for the sake of it, you probably want to look more like you’ve stepped out of a costume drama than out of a fancy dress shop. This is an issue that confronts every costume fan at some point and can be a “rookie error” that never … Read more

Artist Creates Hauntingly Real Victorian Dolls

realistic victorian doll polymer clay

A Russian artist has become a social media sensation with his incredibly realistic dolls. If you enjoy the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross then you will love watching Michael Zajkov sculpt faces in polymer clay, delicately paint them and individually thread every hair.   Zajkov’s Doll Technique He seems to follow a standard technique … Read more

What We Really Learned From a Stitch in Time

a stitch in time vintage amber butchart

Forget the contradictions of the Arnolfini dress – BBC4’s A Stitch in Time revealed another significant truth about historical costume that affects everyone interested in it. The series presented by Amber Butchart explores the lives of historical figures through the clothes they wore. But standing out more than the Hussar uniform in the back of Ninya Mikhaila’s … Read more

Meet the Costumier Starting a Dandy Drinking Club

dandy, victorian, top hat, london,

The Costume Rag meets Dandy Drinking Club founder Jonny Haart to learn about his exciting new venture. “A celebration of male sartorial elegance and the art of drinking,” he advertises. “We will be arranging pub meets, crawls and social outings throughout the year. Ladies & Gentleman are both welcome but we have the dress code … Read more

BAFTA Costume Design Nominations Announced

beauty and the beast costume

Beauty and the Beast Jacqueline Durran of 2012’s Anna Karenina looked straight to the Disney cartoon for inspiration. “Those costumes exist in people’s imaginations and all I wanted to do was to honor what they expect those costumes to be in a live action movie,” she told PEOPLE. “We decided to take inspiration from there and enrich … Read more

Indy’s Hat Lives on Beyond Borsalino

The iconic Italian hat maker Borsalino has declared bankruptcy with £16m owed to creditors. Some sources including the Daily Telegraph have suggested that the firm was behind the iconic Indiana Jones fedora but this was actually Herbert Johnson in London. The military hatter continues unabated and the original Indy hat the “Poet” is still available … Read more

How to Use Instagram as a Costumier


Instagram is one of the most powerful tools for costume professionals and fans to connect, share ideas, promote their brand or Etsy shop and keep up with what everyone is up to. If you are not already using Instagram to promote what you do or simply enjoy seeing people with similar interests then have no … Read more

How Toxic is Your Hat?


Have you ever stopped to think about your favourite vintage hat and its connection to the original Mad Hatter in 1865? Fear not for this is not the Daily Mail health column but just a century ago literally thousands of hat makers received chronic exposure to mercury fumes when felting rabbit furs to make headwear. … Read more

Are We Living in the New Swing Era?


Martin Ellis is the Director of the Swingland dance school and events company with an Art Deco-styled Winter Ball coming up on December 16. The ongoing success of this venture that will soon be celebrating 20 years of business stands testament to the fact that Swing is bigger now than it has ever been. Ellis … Read more

The Rag Meets: Berolinensis


The Costume Rag talks to Olga Jonarska, better known as Berolinensis on her popular Instagram feed. “My interest in the 19th and early 20th century culture started when I was a teenager (I think I was around 15-16) – I first got interested in literature and art of the period, and then my interest developed … Read more