Check Out These Awesome Beard Beads

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Beard beads are a thing – at least they were a big thing about 1000 years ago for our Viking ancestors. But now thanks to The Internet you or a bearded gent in your life can collect a facefull of beard beads in some amazing designs to tame any wild pognotropy.

The most common designs are simple Norse and Celtic symbols and are available in a range from materials from stainless steel to lead-free pewter and sterling silver. Can you resist the idea of a silver skull beard bead?


Jorvik Beast, Odins Raven, Viking Dragon – Amazon

Tree of Life Viking / Celtic Beard Hair Bead Ring – Amazon

Dwarvendom ‘Shrunken Head’ – Etsy

Ram’s Head – Dreamsforgecreations – Etsy

Janus / Coffin / Alchemist – Alchemy Gothic

Image result for emp beard beadsWolf Viking Ring – Amazon