Cosplayer Creates Horrifyingly Good Nigel Thornberry Sailor Moon Cosplay Mask

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Making terror look this good is an art. Cosplayer Julianna Maznevski used her incredible prosthetics skills to combine beloved children’s animated character Nigel Thornberry with the popular cosplay choice of the anime Sailor Moon in an alarming silicone mask.

Sailor Moon, Viz.

“This sculpture I’ve been working on slowly for a while because it just became the project I worked on whenever other projects were being frustrating,” Maznevski explained. “You can’t not step back and laugh at yourself every once in a while when you’re sculpting something as ridiculous as realistic Nigel Thornberry.”

“I love the ridiculous memes of Nigel Thornberry as random characters, so I knew I wanted to do one of those,” said Maznevski, referring to cult animated GIFs that place the Wild Thornberrys dad, voiced by Tim Curry, onto other people and characters.

“I chose Sailor Moon because I was wearing it to an anime convention,” she said, “And I figured that would be the most worn costume there.” Maznevski called her Thornberry mask a “funny twist” on the popular costume.