Easy Cousin Itt Costume

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A good Cousin Itt costume is pretty hard to come by actually. And it kinda makes sense when you think about it. You see, usually cosplay wigs are pretty expensive, and all that fake hair is tough material to work with.

As you all know, Cousin Itt is one of the characters of the Addams Family. The hairy character was created in 1964 for the television series The Addams Family. This means that he was not part of the original characters created by the cartoonist Charles Addams for the New Yorker cartoons. Of course that after being introduced to the television series, there were illustrations created for the character

Even though the character is not part of the original cast of characters, it has become one of the most popular ones through the years. No one outside the family could really understand it said but we all love it anyway. There’s just something about its funny, cool looking design that makes it one of the favorites

However, even with how popular Cousin Itt is, there are not that many costumes of this character out there. But do not worry, if you want it we’ve got it. So here’s a list with the best Cousin Itt costumes you can get online!

1. Cousin Itt costume

It’s complicated to create a costume of Cousin Itt, being it such a hairy character it can be really uncomfortable to wear but there are ways. With this amazing costume you can even comfortably eat, talk and use your hands. However do keep in mind that, just as the seller said, you should completely avoid smoking while wearing it.

The costume is composed by the headpiece with the straw “hair”, the hat is directly attached to it. The glasses are also included as well as the body-piece


  • Great set
  • Nicely built
  • Good looking and comfortable
  • You can still actually doing stuff while wearing the costume

2. Brighter Blond Cousin Itt costume

Cousin itt costume 2

As you can see, this one is a bit different than the first one. Not only in the small aspects, but also on the type of fake hair it uses. As you can see, this one actually looks a bit more like hair, almost like a big ball of fur actually.

This has the advantage of a slightly more realistic look, but it does have the issue that it is a little bit harder to keep “organized”, or so to say. This, just as the other one, includes the light-weight mesh with the long fake hair attached and falls over the body. Don’t worry, the mesh has cuts for the face and arms.


  • Realistic hair
  • It is still comfortable to wear
  • Once you carefully brush it, it looks incredible
  • Lightweight fresh

3. Brown Cousin Itt costume

Cousin itt costume 3

This is a fairly different version than the other two that came before. as you can see, this one is not blonde as the others, but rather a brown color. Not only the color is different, but also the hairstyle. This is less messy than the other two, its straight hair is brighter and easier to brush and keep organized

Just as the other two, the hat is also attached to the wig, and the sunglasses aree already included so you can rest assured that the set is pretty much complete here


  • The brown straight hair is very bright
  • Very natural looking hair
  • Slightly “easier” to keep organized
  • The hat is big and cartoony

4. Rubie’s Costume 60-Inch Lady Godiva Blonde Wig

Lady godiva wig

No, you did not read that wrong, it does say Lady Godiva blonde wig. Now don’t worry, just take a moment and look at the wig. You can use this very long wig as a base for a very different style of DIY Cousin Itt costume. You just add the hat and the glasses and your costume is ready.

And do not worry, it is still an unisex costume even if it is a Lady Godiva wig. And there are a lot of advantages in wearing this instead of a full costume, obviously. And you just have to find something that’s not too attention grabbing under it, maybe a dress or even a nice suit will do the trick


  • It’s more comfortable than a full cover wig
  • Allows a lot of liberties that the full cover doesn’t
  • Easier to take care of
  • Fresh and good looking

5. DIY Cousin Itt Costume: Hat, Glasses and Suspenders!

This is the perfect compliment for your Cousin Itt style costume. Whether you decide to get the long wig, you really have long hair or you’re just a very hairy guy, this will help out a lot. The hat and the sunglasses look very good and can also be used for many other costumes, like the Blues Brothers for instance.


  • Can be used for a lot of other costumes
  • Nicely made
  • Very versatile
  • Very inexpensive and useful

That’s it for now

It may not be a varied list, but those are certainly some of the best Costume Itt costumes you can find around. Just keep in mind that even with that, they still do need a lot of care. It’s not easy to have a giant human-sized wig, so you have to put some effort into taking care of it.

But still, if you really want to have that Cousin Itt costume and stand out from so many other Addams Family costumes, then you should be willing to take care of it. So, that’s it for now, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this and have a lot of fun brushing that hair