Elton John’s New Designer “Doesn’t Give a F**k What People Think”

“I never wore any make-up. I wasn’t glam rock. I wasn’t David Bowie,” Elton John told Vogue ahead of his three-year “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour from September.  “I was me being a blokey guy wearing these clothes. I had to have humour in my costume.”

He also said many of his outfits have been criticised. “In some of the costumes I wore, I probably did make a fool of myself,” he reminisced in an interview with British Vogue. “Not to me, but other people thought, ‘That looks ridiculous.’ It’s what your idea of ridiculous is.”

Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele has been tasked with designing costumes for the tour after Elton John inspired the brand’s spring/summer 2018 collection.

“For me, the only person that was like that in my life before was Gianni (Versace), and when Gianni died, a part of me died,” said Sir Elton. “He saw everything, he loved everything, he channelled everything. Nothing was off limits with him. Alessandro is the first thing that’s happened in my life since Gianni died that I can really identify with. I’ve always been fearless, and that’s why I love Alessandro. He doesn’t give a f**k what people think.”

Recently costumes made for Sir Elton by Bill Whitten, famous for Michael Jackson’s white glove, were sold at auction in London.

This 1973-4 denim suit was made for Elton John was sold at  Bonhams auctioneers with an estimate of up to £1500, which was smashed by a final price of £2125.

Elton John's New Designer "Doesn't Give a F**k What People Think"


The suit encapsulates much of the glam we associate with the early ’70s with wide flared trousers patched sporadically with decorative prints. On the back an 18th Century tapestry image has been added in a flurry of details and embellishments.

Header image by Nick Knight for Vogue’s September edition.

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