Your Complete Raven Cosplay Guide For September, 2022

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Making a Raven cosplay is an excellent way to feel like you can fly. DC’s Raven uses her amazing magical powers kinda like Doctor Strange does, only that with that characteristic gothic-dark tone.

The Teen Titan’s have been pretty famous with DC fans across the world for years. Their comics are pretty fresh with excellent artists working on them always

And the 2000’s animated series is one of the main reasons we all know these characters. Raven from Teen Titans is one character that got pretty famous, especially with the teen audience and cosplayers

If you too want to make an amazing Raven Teen Titans cosplay we’ve got you covered. Here we’ve prepared a small list of sexy Raven cosplay costumes and accessories you can use to get into the dark magic now! (actual magic is not included)

1. Raven Teen Titans Cosplay Set

Raven cosplay full set

If you’re looking for an excellent quality, handmade Raven cosplay, this is the place to start. It comes with the leotard and the blue cloak, but that’s not all. It also includes all the gem set and the belt so that you’re pretty much ready to go when you get this.


  • You can choose out of two different fabric options for the leotard, depending of the one you like best
  • The luxurious stretch velvet gives it a more darker tone, while the black spandex has that glossy look that’s simply amazing
  • Includes some high quality handmade gems and accessories

2. Miccostumes Women’s Rachel Purple Cloak Black Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume

A different Raven costume set

Here we have a slightly different set that’s a little more budget-friendly. going in for less than $100, you get pretty much a full, solid set for your sexy Raven cosplay. One thing that actually looks incredibly good about this set is the leotard.

The glossy finish of the leotard gives it a luxury look, making it look and feel as if you’ve just spent like $200+ on your Raven cosplay. This gives it an extra shine to your costume, which also helps on making it more expensive and high-quality looking, which is always a great thing.


  • Budget-friendly
  • The colors are bright and nice
  • Even though it is not very expensive, it looks pretty good and it’s comfortable to wear

3. White Raven Cosplay

A different version

You know, Raven is not always all shadows and darkness… well yeah, she might be, but there is also White Raven. This is a different version of the character and this costume set is ready to rock it all the way. Nice full set of accessories and beautiful appearance


  • Like the other couple sets, this includes most of the accessories and things you’ll need to get your cosplay up and ready to go
  • The white of the fabric looks as good as it feels to wear it
  • Since it is handmade you can get a custom size just for your body type
  • Gems and orbs are made with excellent attention to detail

4. Raven Gem Set

To complete your costume

This gem set is great if you’re looking for that perfect compliment accessory to your Raven Teen Titans cosplay. The beautiful materials are sure to step up your cosplay game. The colors are a perfect match and they are very resistant and strong

This is also great as an accessory for your daily life, believe it or not. The elt can actually look great with a normal dress, and if it is a black or a purple, or any dark dress. You can even use them to create different real-life situations versions of raven. Cosplaying a character it is also excellent if you can imprint something original to an already existing character


  • Includes the belt with 5 large gems
  • Beautiful broach and hand gems
  • Casted resin gems are solid and pretty
  • One size fits most

5. Halloween Cosplay XCOSER Titans Raven Black & Dark Blue Wig Cosplay Accessory

Most cosplays would not be complete without a cool wig of course. Now, this wig is based on the Netflix original series Titans. While this show was… well… whatever THAT was, this wig will still look pretty good with your Raven cosplay.


  • Great looking
  • Very easy to adapt to any Raven Cosplay
  • The coloring quality is excellent

6. Codeven Short Purple Hair Wigs Halloween Costume Cosplay Wig for Women

Now, this is more like it. This purple wig looks just like the original Raven’s hair and will suit perfectly your classic cosplay. The material is pretty durable and looks really natural


  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Adjustable size
  • Easy to brush
  • Bright colors that don’t fade
  • Hairs do not easily fall

7. Cartoon Network Raven – Teen Titans Go! All-Over Front Print Sports Fabric T-Shirt

Yeah well, it’s true that this is not technically cosplay nor is it a costume. But come on, who doesn’t like to take their favorite characters wherever they go? And this t-shirt has excellent quality cotton and print. The design is based on the Teen Titans Go Raven and has bright and beautiful colors


  • Probably the comfiest article on this list
  • You can wear it wherever you go
  • Funny design
  • Bright color

How to Make a DIY Raven Cosplay

Thankfully it is easy to make a Raven cosplay costume yourself. All you need is a black leotard with sleeves and a purple hooded cloak – which you could make yourself with a cosplay sewing pattern digitally downloaded from Etsy. Don’t forget the crucial Raven cosplay belt!

Now to wrap it up

We all love cosplaying, that goes without saying of course. Raven is one of those characters that’s just so fun to cosplay as (probably because of the cape) and here we gathered around some of the best articles we could find to get your sexy Raven cosplay going. Have fun and enjoy your magic!