Five Edwardian Instagrammers to Follow

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Edwardian style often seems like an uncomfortable niche between the decline of the Victorian era and the sinking of the Titanic followed by the First World War before the roaring twenties made things better. However many still enjoy the extreme elegance of the period as a unique, brief aesthetic and way of life.

Instagram has revolutionised the way costume historians connect across the world. If you don’t already follow these prolific accounts then you are missing out on some great shots and that could inspire your next project.


“Ask me about history and mending~ documenting my old stuff.” Her Etsy shop also has some bargains.

“I particularly love the 1910’s and early 1920’s (like 1914-1922) and have an affinity to the Arts and Crafts movement,” she told The Costume Rag. “I love how it’s a very hands-on aesthetic, it’s sturdy, has a medieval vibe to it, and how it was borne from the concept of anti-hyper consumerism. As far as fabrics go, I love linen, cotton, and wool. Silk is beautiful but I don’t wear it all that much because I always feel guilty wearing it!”

“I’m also really into Irish crochet and Victorian hair-work mourning jewelry. I grew up and still live very close to my extended family and the family house has been in the family for a very long time and has maintained an aesthetic of the later 1910’s. I grew up surrounded by the textiles, books, decor, etc of the Edwardian period! Heck, our cookbook that gets the most use is from 1914!”



“The Ultimate Edwardian – historical dressmaking & embroidery / / traditional arts & crafts / / photography, antiquities and curiosa / / mainly storytelling.”

Read Berolinensis’s full feature in The Costume Rag here.


“Anton Sickers – Gramophone DJ, performer, disc jockey, collector of music and vintage clothing.” His website advertises his “lecture” on the history of Russian drinking. “In a relaxed atmosphere, Anton Borisovich, dressed in a historical costume with a conscious mind, talks about the history of vodka and the culture of drinking in Russia. The format of the event is interactive, the guests are constantly in dialogue with the lecturer, asking questions, challenging the facts and remembering the curious cases of life.”


“Neo-Edwardian Nerd from Canberra Australia. Obsessed with everything I can wear from 1800-1930.”


Her US-based blog reads: “I reenact Civil War, War of 1812, and Revolutionary War, and was a Maid of Honor in the Queen’s Court at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire.”

Compiled by the mere part-time Edwardian @VickHellfire


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