What is Goodyear Welt And Why You Need It

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The Goodyear welt is a patented method of making good quality shoes. Goodyear welted shoes are made in such a way that the soles are very durable and waterproof as well as replaceable.

Some of the best men’s shoe brands today still use this 1869 method that hasn’t been surpassed by more modern construction methods.

Welt Definition

While we may think of the welt as the sole of a shoe, especially as that’s where we see “Goodyear welted” stamped, the welt is actually a strip between a shoe sole and upper through which they are stitched or stapled together.

The resulting cavity is then filled with cork. The welt is therefore the joining point that means the soles remain separate from the actual shoe. This is better both for waterproofing and for replacing the sole.

Where to Buy Goodyear Welt Boots And Shoes

The best shoemakers in the world are based in Northampton, UK. These men’s dress shoe brands are renowned for their quality and have a huge list of royal and celebrity clientele to their name.

Of course these are just a few names from a specific area. The chances are if you see a shoe advertised as Goodyear welted then it will be made to a high standard no matter who made it. See our list of top men’s dress boots to compare.

The welting method is a difficult and expensive process and so a manufacturer is unlikely to use it if the other materials, design and manufacturing are not of an equally high standard.

That would be like paying for a tailor to make a suit by hand and using low quality materials – the investment in the one premium option is wasted by scrimping on others.

While Goodyear welted shoes may seem more expensive upfront, they are sure to last a lot longer. Sometimes sustainable fashion and ethical clothing relies on antique traditional craftsmanship.

In this case, leather shoes are made from natural materials and, in the case of these particular brands, in UK factories with fewer air miles and high working standards. Don’t forget to see our list of top men’s dress boots.

Most cheap shoes of fast fashion have synthetic soles cemented onto the uppers which may only last a few years, if that, before starting to separate and going to landfill with new shoes having to be made.

Leather soles with a welt are very unlikely to experience this. That means you can potentially have a pair of shoes for life that mold to your feet over years of wear. All you have to do is have them resoled at a local cobbler.

While this may seem antiquated, many men around the world continue to prefer good quality Goodyear welted boots and shoes. Infact the Reddit Goodyearwelt has 120,000 members.

Afterall, they say you should spend the most on your mattress and your shoes – because if you aren’t in one you’re in the other.