Top Goth Boots To Have You Spellbound

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Goth boots are a staple of the subculture. But that’s not to say its a uniform of conformity. On the contrary, goth boots offer a huge range of designs to suit your personality, from big goth platform boots, pointy cowboy boots or functional goth combat boots.

What’s more, many of these styles are common everyday footwear so you don’t have to rely on specific brands, although we will always have a soft spot for New Rocks and Demonia.

New Rock Boots

If there were any single brand that defined goth boots it would be New Rock boots. The Spanish company has traded for decades with a huge range of very unique footwear. The Ortuño family began making shoes in 1929, although it was in 1980 that Pedro Ortuño invented a way of manufacturing comfortable and durable soles that defined the New Rock brand.

New Rock boots resemble anything from cowboy boots to high heels and combat boots. Some of their goth platform boots have huge chunky soles with spring suspension.

Unlike many alternative and cosplay brands, their goth boots are truly made with craft. They are real leather – apart from their vegan range – and seem to last for decades – as proven by secondhand examples with the massive soles worn away from years of use.

One thing to keep in mind with New Rocks is their weight. While they are generally comfortable to wear they are as heavy as they look. That’s great for stomping around an industrial night but not so great if you need to walk a lot in them. Demonia are generally much lighter, although their construction is not as robust.

Also be aware that New Rock boots fit quite large – one of our writers bought a pair when one of the last goth shops in Camden, London, closed down and cleared out their stock. He found them a bit tight but still wearable for a few nights out. They were actually 2 sizes too small!

New Rock Boots For Women

New Rock Newrock NR M.1030 S1 Black Boots

New Rock M.391 S4 Black

New Rock MAG006 S1

New Rock Boots For Men

New Rock Goth Cowboy Boots M.7993-S3

New Rock Goth Combat Boots 591-S1

Demonia Boots

Demonia boots are made by the iconic Pleaser boots company. Defining alternative footwear, Demonia brings a unique sense of style and cutting-edge aesthetic to your shoe collection.

As a counter-cultural brand Demonia have a broad aesthetic from retro and fetish boots through to raver and goth boots.

Demonia Women’s Fury – 110 Ankle-High Boot

Demonia Platform Boots – Women’s Damned-318 Knee High Boot

Demonia Creepers

Doc Martens Boots

Dr Martens – often called Doc Martens – are a punk classic. Klaus Märtens was a doctor in the German army in WWII.

While on leave in 1945, he injured his ankle while skiing in the Bavarian Alps. He found that his standard-issue army boots were too uncomfortable on his injured foot. So he made his own with air-padded soles made from car tyres, improving the design after the war. The shoes became commercially successful in Germany but it was in 1960 that the brand arrived in the UK. By the end of the decade they became popular with right-wing skinheads but soon spread to other subcultures.

Dr. Martens – Women’s 1B60 20-Eye Lace Up Knee High Leather Goth Boots

Dr. Martens Women’s Hurston Fashion Boot