Handmade Canes by Cavagnini

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You would have thought that a handmade pewter-topped cane to your size would be expensive – especially if engraved with your initials. Think again. Robert Cavagnini is an artisan brand of walking canes established in 1999 that will make you a cane ready to dispatch in just two days for about 50 pounds plus postage.

“Our production is entirely made by hand in our laboratories in Ghedi, Italy. All items in our collection are made of a pure pewter alloy composed of 96% of virgin tin, 3.5% antimony to give rigidity and 0.5% copper,” said Cavagnini. “Colours available for the wood shaft are black and brown. You can customize the total length (min 29.53 inches max 38.19 inches), the tip shape and we can even engrave your initials.”

Amazon describes its new handmade category as “A new store featuring over 30,000 handcrafted products sold directly by artisans across Europe, with hundreds of items being added a day. All items are factory-free and we only approve artisans whose products are handcrafted with special care and attention and a third of items are available for customization.”

Cavagnini produces its canes in a variety of exciting top designs to show off your dandy flair.  Try the skull cane for a gothic look, or a cat or dog if you’re a real pet person.

[amazon_link asins=’B016DCXHRQ,B016F4FBAI,B01N9AE373,B01L5DE2LI,B01BY9VSJC’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’costumerag-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’4403d2c0-d515-11e7-abcc-3380175bec0a’]

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