Jump off the battle bus with the best Fortnite cosplay

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Getting to work on a Fortnite Cosplay is a project full of possibilities. Since the game has such an open customization and variety of skins, you can go pretty wild with these

Fortnite lanched in 2017 and it was in no time a huge success. However even with how famous this game came to be, most of the people only talk about Fortnite Battle Royale. But you almost never hear people talk about the first version of the game Fortnite: Save the World.

Fortnite: Save the World is a cooperative survival game where players team up to fight zombie-like creatures and defend certain objectives by building fortifications, similar to the building mechanichs in Battle Royale.

Save the World launched alongside Battle Royale in 2017, but in 2018 a new game mode called Fortnite Creative launched. This new game mode works pretty much like the creative mode in Minecraft where you can just build freely scenarios, stadiums and different kinds of fortifications.

While all the versions of the game are actually pretty popular with a very active user base, without a doubt it is Fortnite Battle Royale the one to really win the audience’s love. Getting more than 125 million users in its first year, it has been pretty much the top popular game for the last two years. And since we know a lot of you Fortnite fans out there are also cosplayers, here we bring you the top Fortnite cosplays on the internet!

1. Rust Lord Fortnite cosplay

Rust lord fortnite cosplay

Things go both ways in Fortnite’s relationship with pop culture. While there are a lot of current media referencing the game, there are probably as many references to pop culture in Fortnite. Mostly there are many movie references, like the John Wick skin. This is the case of Rust Lord, a character from the game that’s more than obviously based on Marvel’s Star Lord, from Guardians of the Galaxy.

This costume really has a lot of effort punt into it, and while it is very expensive it may be just the thing if you’re a huge Fortnite / Guardians Of the Galaxy fan. And let’s be honest, numbers show that there are a LOT of fans of both of them.


  • It includes pretty much everything you might need for the cosplay
  • The helmet has excellent construction and design
  • The materials used in the whole set are definitely top notch
  • The arm-armor even has a back light
  • Some parts are made of real leather

2. Xcoser Fortnite Fate Cosplay

Fortnite fate cosplay

Fate is one o he most popular female-exclusive legendary outfit in the whole game. With a really sleek design that shows at first sight that if you mess with Fate, you’re messing with a highly skilled assassin. The black hood and suit resembles the style of a ninja hiding in the shadows

This costume is of very high quality and carefully made to look just like the one in the game. It’s the way to go when looking for a high profile Fortnite cosplay


  • Made of high quality spandex + artificial leather + EVA
  • The variety of materials makes up for very different textures at plain sight
  • This immediately helps and makes it look more pro
  • Looks and feels good. It’s very comfortable

3. Cuddle Team Leader – Pink Bear Head for Cosplay

A very popular skins in the game is The Cuddle Team Leader Outfit. A very colorful skin-tight suit that was released for Valentine’s Day of 2018. The costume is actually very emblematic now and it’s probably because of its ridiculous looks

While this article is only the teddy bear head part of the costume, the quality is impressive. Many players have been talking about the resemblance of this teddy bear to that weird but very recognizable Breaking Bad teddy bear. And due to the broken heart on the torso of the outfit, many claim that it is a mockery of the Care Bears


  • This looks ridiculously good
  • It’s very soft to touch
  • It’s made according to your measurements
  • The fur is both lovely and high quality
  • You can even have it done in different colors if you want!

4. Drift Fortnite Cosplay

This is an extremely popular costume in the Fortnite community. This cool outfit is excellent for those who love to take rainbows and sunshine everywhere they go. Make a vibrant and brilliant entrance wherever they go. One of the best parts about cosplaying a Fortnite skin is that you don’t need a wig or anything like that since it’s a customizable character


  • You’ll feel as if you’re the character wearing the skin
  • The print on the jumpsuit is very detailed and looks wonderful
  • The included t-shirt is cropped with great detail
  • It includes a beautiful design of a unicorn llama flying through the clouds

5. Drift Fortnite Cosplay

Drift was a Season 5 exclusive legendary skin. It also happens to have been the Season 5 mascot as well as another of the most popular skins in the game. Using a cosplay of one of the most recognizable characters of one of the most popular games in the world means that everyone will get it. And if it is THIS Drift cosplay, they’ll definitely love it


  • It includes the complete set
  • Excellent-looking bright colors
  • Quality materials
  • The whole set looks just like the real character
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to recognize

Now you’re ready

You already know how big of a thing Fortnite is already. One of the most popular games in the world calls for a high quality cosplay. If you are one of the millions and millions who enjoy Fortnite and cosplaying, now you’re ready to jump out of the battle bus. So, are you going to be the number one?