Level up your game with these D.VA cosplay ideas

Working on a D.VA cosplay is incredibly fun, but you already know that right? The character is a fan favorite and for a good reason of course!

D.VA is a character from Overwatch that quickly got to be one of the favorite characters of the public. Whether you like her as a game character or not it doesn’t matter, it is nearly impossible not to love her.

She just seems to shine, making the already colorful world of Overwatch even more cute and cool. Not only she’s an incredibly cool character in Overwatch, with her amazing mech suit, but she came to be so popular that she joined as a playable character in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s crossover MOBA. And even more than that, she is now a gameplay announcer in Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

With D.VA being a pro eSport competitor from South Korea, no wonder she’s so popular and a first choice for choosing a really cool cosplay. And as always, we are going to help you have the best D.VA cosplay out there with these cool things we found just for you. So grab onto your controllers and get ready!

1. Miccostumes Women’s Hana Song D.VA Cosplay Costume with Tattoos

This is a beautiful D.VA cosplay set with a lot of attention to detail. the very beautiful bodysuit is as comfortable as good looking. It has all the logos and the very important bunny insignia on the chest.

Not only the bodysuit is beautiful, but it also includes the shoulder and back pads. They are made to be attachable to the suit, helping you get the cool three dimensional look and feel.


  • The different materials on the bodysuit give it that extra touch to make it look even more like in the game
  • The spandex and elastic matte leather are breathable and comfortable
  • It includes a nice pair of gloves, the shoulder and back white pads as well as the extra pink pieces for the other details
  • The bright colors will really stand out

2. D.VA Cosplay Light Gun – Overwatch (3D Printed)

While D.VA does have an amazing power suit, she is very capable by herself. She uses these really cool pink guns that you just can’t leave out of your cosplay! Here we a really cool prop you can get that’s 3D printed and assembled by hand. And it really looks just like the real deal in every way!


  • It’s very sturdy and light at the same time, you’ll be able to use it a lot
  • The bright colors don’t come from paint, instead it is directly printed on those colors
  • As you may know, PLA is a very eco-friendly plastic

3. D.VA Cosplay Shoes White PU Boots Hot Game Cosplay Footwear

It’s funny that sometimes we tend to forget that not all bodysuits have the shoes attached. So just for that, we found these really awesome D.VA cosplay boots that look really good. They have all the little details, and while they may not be exactly the boots she wears, they still look great!


  • They aren’t just for cosplaying, you can wear them in your everyday life
  • Made from PU leather that will resist a lot of use
  • They are very comfortable and fresh
  • These are just so pretty!

4. D.VA Cosplay Wig

You know how anime and video game characters usually seem to have weird-colored and over exaggerated hair? Well, that’s not the case if you’re doing a D.VA cosplay. And even though she has a mecha suit, shoot her enemies and be an elite eSport gamer, at the end of the day she’s just a normal girl.

But anyways, having a wig is usually a most for any cosplay and D.VA is no exception!


  • Beautiful color
  • It has very realistic hair
  • Very easy to brush
  • It’s comfortable and very breathable

5. D.VA Cosplay Headset

A pro gamer would be nothing without a cool pair of RGB headphones. And even though these may not really work, they do look really cool. While these headphones are 3D printed, they are also hand painted with acrylic pain.

D.VA’s headset is very recognizable, so it is important to have them look the same, and this one does the trick just perfectly


  • Adjustable height
  • Comfortable to use
  • They fit nicely
  • Incredibly detailed
  • Does not require batteries

6. D.VA Cosplay, swimwear costume

Cosplaying doesn’t have to stop just ’cause you’re going to the beach, or maybe just relax at the pool. With this beautiful swimsuit you can take D.VA’s bodysuit to the beach! Or who knows, maybe you’re aiming to get a summer version of a D.VA cosplay, and this is perfect for that.


  • Very comfortable
  • Beautiful design
  • Adjustable pads in the breast area for extra comfort
  • You can and should use it for more than cosplay-only purposes

7. GK-O Overwatch OW D.VA Thicken Hoodie Baseball Jacket Cosplay Costume Coats

Remember how we just said that you could and should take your favorite character with you? Well, this hoodie is excellent for the cold weathers! Take all the beauty of D.VA’s bodysuit wherever you go with this amazing hoodie. Not only that, but you can also try and go for a relaxed D.VA cosplay. She is a gamer after all, and we all love hoodies right?


  • The design is simply beautiful
  • Cute bunny hoodie
  • Bright colors
  • Comfortable to wear and nice materials
  • It’s a hoodie!

Wrapping up!

Now that you chose to get a D.VA cosplay, it’s up to you to decide what will your take on the character be. She is very versatile when it comes to styles and you can have a lot of fun when cosplaying her. Get whatever suits you best from this list and get ready to game on with this awesome character!

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