Lookbook: The Miniaturist

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Many viewers were left disappointed by the ending of the BBC’s adaption of Jessie Burton’s novel the Miniaturist but costume fans were utterly absorbed in some incredible clothes from late-17th-Century Amsterdam. Johannes Brandt was clad like a handsome musketeer in an array of coats, jerkins and a wide-brimmed hat as if he had wandered out of a Rembrandt painting. The protagonist Petronella wore dresses that brought immense colour and richness to a Puritan world of black and white that even extended to the Vermeeresque floor tiles. The enigmatic and reclusive miniaturist herself seemed almost cliche wandering through the church in a long and hooded black velvet cloak. Maybe it was the great character that this outer skin promised not being truly revealed that led to critical views of the ending. We were inspired to collect together some of the essentials for dressing like a Miniaturist character. Click the images to buy clothes, fabric, patterns and more!

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