Make Some Magic with these Witch Costumes

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Halloween trends may come and go, but a classic witch costume is never out of style. Whether you’re taking your inspiration from the fairytale hags that scared us as children, the many grisly witchcraft scares throughout history, or from the cool and modern witches from film and media, this is one of the most versatile Halloween looks around. Whether you’re after a costume that’s sexy, scary or downright weird, there’s plenty of things out there to put together the witchy look you’ve always wanted.

The best Witch Costumes to buy now

There are some amazing witch costumes out there, for every style and budget imaginable. Buying yourself a full costume can save you a lot of time, particularly if crafting isn’t something you’re into, and you can end up with a treasure that will last you for years. So let’s start off with the essentials; a dress fit for a sorceress!

Wizard of Oz inspired witch dress from CordeliaRoyale

This absolute showstopper is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. Based on what the Wicked Witch of the West might have worn if she spent as much time creating killer looks as she did creating killer flying monkeys, this amazing gown includes an adjustable corset, full-length skirt and a petticoat for extra fabulousness. It even comes with a hat too! If you’re planning on hitting any fancy Halloween balls, this would be a perfect choice, and one that you could easily keep for years to come. It’s not just a costume; it’s a treasure.

Classic Witch Costume from Forum Novelties

If you’re a more old-fashioned gal after something a little less high-fashion, this classic outfit is just like the dresses the witches from fairytales past used to wear. It’s a good deal more affordable than the handmade one above, and not only comes with a hat, but a fancy cape too. Bargain! It’s a great simple look that you can glam up with silver jewellery or dress down with a bit of distressing, depending how you feel on the day.

Salem Witch Costume from InCharacter Costumes

Of course, even though we’re all out partying, witchcraft isn’t always fun and games. If you prefer your witchiness to come with rips and bloodstains included, this Salem-inspired costume is one for you. The puritan-style buckled hat, apron and collar give this costume a refreshing change from the fairytale-insprired witches we’re used to seeing, and brings us back to Salem’s bloody history, perfect for a horror-filled Halloween.

100% That Witch t-shirt by VentureDeep

Not everyone has the time for big dresses, and t-shirts like this one are perfect for the modern, casual witch about town. Pair it with a black skirt – any length will do – and maybe some silver jewellery and a pentagram or two for a laid-back witch look. It’s also a classic-style tee, so depending on your style, you could even wear it year-round.

Awesome Accessories to make your own

Of course, if you’d rather not buy a whole brand new outfit for Hallowe’en, you don’t need to. You can put your own spin on a tried and tested Hallowe’en costume by picking out a few iconic accessories and wearing them with your favourite LBD – voila, instant witch! If you aren’t a black dress sort of person, your local charity shops will have plenty of choice for affordable prices. Or if you’re favouring the evil old hag look, you could even try buying something a couple of sizes big, and then take a pair of scissors to it for a wicked weathered look. It’s the little details that really make a costume, and any of these will transform you from wannabe to witch in an instant.

Black velvet silver sequined Witch Hat from Hats4Ladies

A witch’s most iconic accessory is her pointy hat, and these hand-decorated hats are the diamond tier of witch hats! These velvet beauties come covered in pretty rose details and ostrich feathers, plus lashings of net and glitter. If you want to be the glammest witch on the scene, this is the hat for you.

Witch Hat from Smiffy’s

Or you might rather let your witch powers speak for themselves with a straightforward hat like this one. It does still come with one little spider attached, which might come in useful for emergency potion ingredients, or to give your black cat something to play with.

36” Witches Broom from Kangaroo

A witch can’t get far without her broom. This one has straw bristles, so it’s got a nice old-fashioned look for traditional costumes. And if you’re wearing something a bit fancier, honestly it just looks hella cute.

8” Black Cauldron by GiftExpress

This cauldron makes a cute alternative to a handbag if you don’t have much to carry. It’s a good size to keep your cash, keys, phone and a top-up of black lipstick in one place while you’re at a party, or perfect to sneak a few sweets into if you’re taking your favourite little horrors out trick or treating.

Old Witch Mask from Mltao

For those of us who’d rather be the cackling old crone than the maiden of the trio, this mask is full of fairytale fearsomeness. It has hair and hat attached, so it’ll make a great addition to traditional witch looks, or you could wear it with something sexy to really confuse people. Make sure to practise your evil laugh!

Adult Beige Skin Latex Prosthetic Witch Nose And Chin Set from Woochie

These are great for rocking the fairytale crone look without having to cover your whole face. Position them comfortably on your face, and use liquid latex or spirit gum to attach them. These prosthetics are unpainted, but you should be able to cover them over with either your usual makeup or a fetching shade of green facepaint, and then blend them seamlessly into your skin.

Silicone Prosthetic SFX Hairy Mole from Fakeup Creations

Being a beauty queen is great, but it’s not what all witches want. Add some prosthetic warts to your face for a perfect hag look – these large warts are just realistic enough to be a little cartoony without being too OTT, and will look amazing alongside the latex nose and chin above, or by themselves.

And now you’re party ready! Whatever type of witch you are, get out there, be fabulous, and have a Happy Halloween!