My Top My Hero Academia Cosplay Ideas

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The great thing about cosplaying anime characters from a school is they have the same uniform – and My Hero Academia cosplay is no exception. You can cosplay a lot of characters with just one set of uniform. All you have to do is change the wig and add some props that are unique to the character, and voila! You can attend different events while cosplaying different characters from that anime school. This is why I will start with U.A. High School Uniform.

The top is a white short sleeved polo with a red tie and topped with a gray blazer. It has dark blue-green strips on the shoulder, chest area of the collar, and on the wrists. It has two yellow buttons and a pocket on each side.

For the girls, they have a dark blue-green mini skirt while the boys have slacks of the same color. My Hero Academia cosplay is easy!

If you don’t fancy their usual uniform, try their P.E. uniform. Both the turtle neck, short sleeved, top, and the pants are blue or dark blue in color. For the top, you can see the capital letters, “U” and “A” written vertically in white. The pants have long white lines that seems to be the continuation of the upper part’s letter “A.” At the side of each arm sleeve is another white line with red lining.

With these uniforms, you can cosplay Deku and all of his classmates, and maybe even those from Class B and other U.A. students. Here are a few ideas for you:

Izuku Midoriya Cosplay

Of course, the first in line would be the series’ main character: Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku. He is a quirkless boy but has the heart and bravery of a true hero. Even before he received his quirk from All Might, he was already protecting people and helping them out, even if those who stand in front of him are way stronger. He is definitely a character a lot of fans admire, especially now that he has the One for All quirk.

He is an inspiring character who taught people not to give up on their dreams, even if it seems impossible. He was shut down by his friends, family and even by the hero he loves so much. But in the end, he proved them all wrong. Yes, he might have stayed that way for the rest of his life if it wasn’t for All Might. But it was because of the resolve he showed that made All Might make a very important decision that would change both their lives forever.

Who wouldn’t want to cosplay such a character? Heck, even girls can do a genderbend My Hero Academia cosplay of him. With the uniforms I told you above, all you’ll need is a wig. Deku’s hair is both dark blue-green and black. The spikes of his hair are a little curly.

For me, a good My Hero Academia cosplay is where you can portray the character naturally. Like you are born with their crazy-colored hair. Cosplay wigs are a great help, but sometimes, the fit is not so perfect to the point where it looks like it was just smacked on your head.

That being said, the guys can just buy a temporary hair dye and color their hair black and blue-green. The same thing can be done by the girls. And if you have a natural black hair, all you’ll need to worry about is the blue-green dye. Depending on the guy’s hair length, you can just use gel or hair spray to make it spiky. For the ladies, don’t fret. There is no need to cut your hair for a genderbend cosplay of Deku. The good thing about genderbend cosplays is that you can use whatever hairstyle you want for the character. You can leave it long and flowing, have a ponytail or pigtails, or you can even make it shoulder length. It totally depends on how you want it.

If you don’t want to color your hair, you can just buy a wig, preferably a light colored synthetic wig. That way, you can color it however you want. To color it, you’ll need an alcohol-based ink and rubbing alcohol. The darkness of the color depends on how much alcohol you will mix with the ink. The lesser the alcohol, the darker the new color of the wig. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the wig by parts. Make sure that every strand is soaked with the mixture. Let it dry and then rinse it with water. Make sure to rinse it properly so the color will not go to your costume later. Let it dry again on a towel.

Anyway, Deku has two hero costumes. The first one is a light blue-green body suit with a lizard-like head mask. The second is a modified version of the first, where the head portion is removed. Its color is still blue-green but has a darker shade. Both costumes can be ordered online or can be custom-made by a tailor. In both costumes, Deku wears a brown belt bag, black elbow and knee pads, white gloves and a pair of brown boots.

I mainly use rubber foam in making my cosplay props. You can use it to make his elbow and knee pad. Especially because since they are a bit big, it will be hard to find anything like them in stores, unless maybe if the store specializes in anime and cosplaying. Still, that might cost a lot because I know how expensive anime items can be. Rubber foams are a cheaper way to go. You can look for tutorials on how to make them in Google or you can just use your imagination on how to make them. The same thing can be used in making Deku’s beltbag and his face mask that he hangs around his neck. Rubber foams are soft and can be joined together using glue gun. It is also easy to use spray paint on it.

All Might Cosplay

The next in line would be All Might. Yep, that’s right. He is the one who gave Deku hope and a chance to be the hero that the boy has always dreamed of. And even now, he still gives a lot of people hope by being the symbol of peace. Even with his condition, he never fails to help those in need. He will push himself to the limit just so he can save everyone. Plus Ultra!

My idea is to have a genderbend cosplay of him.  I like to cosplay him because his hero costume is a one piece body suit that has the three primary colors in it, and the color white. You can order that online or have a dressmaker make one for you. It might be a bit pricey, though, because even if it is just a one piece body suit, its design is a little hard to make. All you’ll worry about is the wig. If your hair is already blonde, then good for you. You can get a rubber foam and cut a V-shape out of it. Spray paint it with yellow or gold, and use a glue gun to stick it on a plastic headband, that you can also spray paint with yellow or gold. Then you can wear that on you head, and your All Might genderbend cosplay should be A-OK.

The guys can do the same, but if their hair is long enough, they can just use hair spray to imitate the character’s V-shaped hair and brush the rest backwards. But I think a wig can also do the trick, especially if your hair is not as long. However, for the guys, my idea of an All Might costume is his emaciated form. Because they might not need to spend much on the costume. They just need a loose white shirt and a brown or dark green pants. They can even use these clothes as an everyday outfit. What will really complete the Emaciated All Might cosplay is the wig, the belt– which can be created using rubber foam and spray paint again– and eyeliner. Lots of eyeliner.

Melissa Shield Cosplay

She can only be seen in the movie but the girl has shown great character. Just like every hero, she is brave and determined. She also has the brains of a genius, like her dad. She is also very charming and has helped Deku and his gang in the movie a lot. Despite being quirkless, she has shown that she can save people in her own way. In the movie, it was shown that she has two outfits: her casual and formal attire. Both are very cute and can be used again for everyday fashion or for special occasions.

If you have light brown pants and brown boots, her upper outfit is all you’ll need to order online. The sad thing about most My Hero Academia cosplay is you can only wear the outfits during an event but with Melissa’s attire, you can reuse it whenever you want. Maybe you can remove the checkered ribbon and walk downtown with her outfit. Only My Hero Academia fans will notice that you are wearing anime inspired clothes and wouldn’t it be fun to catch their smiles once they notice?

Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay

Who doesn’t like her? She is cute, nice and friendly. Not to mention, she is one of the main female characters of the series. She has helped Deku and her classmates countless times using her Zero Gravity quirk. She also looks very good with her hero costume. It is girly but at the same time, a sexy hero attire because it is body-hugging. And I bet any cosplayer who will take on her role will definitely get her charms as well for this My Hero Academia Cosplay.

Momo Yaoyuruzu Cosplay

She is very intelligent and is very mature as well. That is what makes her worthy of becoming Class A’s vice president. She also showed great determination in dire situations, and even when she felt her confidence leaving her when compared with Todoroki. Her quirk is also very convenient. It has saved her class multiple times already. Add that to her great leadership, and she can be a hero everyone will easily love. Since her hair is black, girls with long black hair won’t need to buy wig. They can just style it to copy her spiky ponytail and side bangs.  Her hero costume is also very sexy. So, for those who want to turn heads during a cosplay event, she’s definitely a good choice.

Katsuki Bakugo or Kacchan Cosplay

This hot-headed hero may act like a villain sometimes but we all know his heart is really that of a hero. He was Deku’s best pal when they were children and they both admired All Might. He may not show it, but I know he has a soft spot for his classmates and those he cared about. It’s fun to imagine him as a tsundere. But never ever underestimate him because he packs a punch… With a blast that can totally knock down enemies. He is one of the strongest in their class and a very promising hero in the future. His hero costume is also hot, just like his quirk. Guys with blonde hair can just use hair spray or gel to resemble his spiky hair. Girls can also do a genderbend cosplay of him. But instead of pants, they can use a black mini skirt with red lining.

Shoto Todoroki Cosplay

Another powerful student in Class A. Another ikemen a lot of My Hero Academia fangirls fall for. Todoroki’s quirk is Half Hot and Half Cold. His hero getup is simple: a dark blue pair of clothes with shoulder straps and white boots. What makes his cosplayers look like him is probably be the face make-up for his scar and his half white and half red hair. For the face make-up, red lipstick should do the trick. You can also use face paint. The wig can be bought online or if they ran out of stock, you can just buy a white wig and color it using the same method I have discussed above.

Toru Hagakure Cosplay

Uh-huh. I know what you are thinking. Her quirk is invisibility. So how on earth can you cosplay her? Well, here’s my idea: just wear the usual U.A. school uniform and white gloves. No need to style your hair or put any make-up, since no one knows what she really looks like. Then, on your forehead, wear a white bandana with the words, “My crush doesn’t see me so I am invisible.” Wouldn’t it be fun to see if your co-My Hero Academia fans get the joke? I myself would love to try that during an event.

So there you have it. Those are my Top 8 My Hero Academia Cosplay Ideas. With U.A’s uniform though, you can cosplay other students, especially if you don’t want to wear their individual hero costumes, settling with their school uniform should be awesome as well. Let your imagination run free and you can use materials other than rubber foam. What is most important is that you are having fun.