Original Star Wars Costume Sketches For Sale

When making a great Star Wars cosplay costume, what could be better than having the original Star wars costume designs to hand?

John Mollo was a British military illustrator-turned-Hollywood costume designer. His original sketchbooks for Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back will be auctioned off as part of Bonhams’s “Designing an Empire: The John Mollo Archive” sale on December 11.

Expensive Star Wars Costume Sketches

The sketchbooks from the first movie are expected to fetch between $130,000 and $190,000, while the books for the sequel are estimated to be worth $100,000 to $160,000.

Mollo worked with Star Wars creator George Lucas to create the perfect costumes for an entire galaxy. In an interview with The New York Times, Mollo’s son, Tom, said that his father “always said he found it frighteningly difficult working with people who were indecisive, and Lucas was not indecisive. He’d put the sketches before him and he’d say yes or no.”

Louise Mollo told Bonhams: “John was asked many times what inspired his work. It was a difficult question to answer and he was not given to hyperbole but living with him throughout his career I thought in the end that I did know. His skill undoubtedly lay in an ability to interpret faithfully what he saw in image to his finished work but over all I think he had a rare gift for truth. Every one of his characters, whether real or imaginary, was believable and not one, however weird and wonderful, looked as if they were wearing fancy dress.”

Star Wars Costumes For Cheap

Nevertheless Mollo and George Lucas decided that the Star Wars costumes should be noticed as little as possible, so as to not detract the audience’s attention from the story.

Mark Hamil once told Metro USA “My point is that every penny had to be up on the screen. They weren’t paying the actors anything. Well, Sir Alec Guinness and Peter Cushing because they were established. They had careers, we were all unknowns.”

Budget was not Mollo’s only restriction. He created the first Star Wars costumes under an extreme time constraint. “I think my father put it all together in six weeks,” Tom Mollo once shared.


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