Saoirse Ronan Was “Physically Altered” By Mary Queen of Scots Costume

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Saoirse Ronan revealed that her entire shape changed during the filming of Mary Queen of Scots due to weeks spent filming in “corsets”.

Of course we should stress for costume purists that Mary Queen of Scots would have been wearing Elizabethan stays rather than a corset.

Indeed, up to a month after wrapping the shoot, Saoirse Ronan said she was still displaying curves she didn’t have before filming the highly-anticipated movie.

“When you’ve been wearing them like we did for months, you take them off at the end of the job and your shape has changed,” she said in an interview with Seth Meyers.

She found the shape remained with her for a considerable time after filming. “Like I didn’t have any curves before, and then I took it off and for about a month I was like ‘Aw, look at that! A little hourglass!’”

She then explained how her shape soon returned to normal with time out of the costume. Gesturing with her hands to indicate a straight figure she said “It just went back to that.”

While Seth seemed surprised that the garment could have such an impact long after it’s been removed, Ronan was quick to correct him. “It’s squashing your insides! And we’d have it on for 12 hours a day and it’s tight! Corsets are tight. So yeah, it actually does change your shape for a little bit.”