Top Steampunk Goggles 2022

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Steampunk goggles are an essential part of any Steampunk costume. No one is too sure exactly why they have become such a staple. However, many cite the emphasis on Victorian industry. Steampunk tends to be not about calm domestic settings but heavy industry, aviation, submarines and other realms where goggles represent both safety as well as exploration and adventure.

But perhaps the most significant reason for Steampunk goggles is as a tribal emblem of the culture that identifies the wearer. Think of other popular subcultures and how single items of clothing seem to define their look. Of course if you’re not a fan you might try the more subtle option of Steampunk sunglasses.

The downside of this is Steampunk goggles have become commodified and finding a pair that are distinguished and high quality can be very difficult. Here we lay out our favourite goggles to buy in 2022.

Syart Steampunk Goggles

steampunk goggles

These goggles are plain and simple. While we love the more elaborate designs featured further on, a reliable pair of plain goggles can be wise. These are not going to overpower your outfit. Nor do you have to worry about looking after delicate extensions and lenses.


steampunk goggles

Now these are more like it. Again sticking to the classic style, these Steampunk goggles offer the fetching feature of additional magnifying lenses bolted onto the side in a small but significant upgrade. We also like how the PVC sides make them look much more like real welding goggles. They also have a huge range of colours available.


steampunk goggles

Discomboblous workshop is a high quality leather worker. As such they offer a range of plastic-free Steampunk goggles that are crafted in the UK by hand rather than churned out of a factory.


steampunk goggles

OnTheWingsofSteam offers a great range of goggles handmade in the US.

Every Air-pirate, Explorer, and Adventurer needs a pair of fashionable eyewear that doubles in providing adequate eye protection.

These goggles are hand-made with attention to detail each step of the way. The base sockets are connected in the middle with a real leather strap. The ~nylon~ band that goes behind the head has two adjusters, making for a perfect fit, regardless of proportions.