Student’s Big Idea to Help Costume Professionals

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Angela Harrop was a costume design student balancing her studies with a hectic placement at ITV studios when she had a bold new idea to help artists in her industry find work. Last year a web designer was able to finally realise her innovation of a database called Costume Daily. Harrop told the Costume Rag about how costumiers can now find support through her company.

Costume Daily is a professional database dealing only with the costume industry. It posts regular costume work placements via its website and social media platforms and can act as an agent to help people find work or put together a costume team.

Unlike other recruitment agencies or agents, we deal only with costume professionals and don’t charge a fortune, in fact everything we have done so far has been free of charge but if you did require an agent to work on your behalf we can get in touch with potential employers such as production companies, designers and directors to increase your chances.”

Who founded it and why?

“Costume Daily was founded in 2016 by myself, Angela Harrop, and a small team who I worked alongside for a few years, but the idea came to me a few years before I found a website designer who understood what I wanted.

I was working on set for an ITV programme and the costume supervisor said they were short of dailys. I was studying costume design at Uni at the time so I knew of a few ideal candidates who were able to step up to the job and with a simple phone call I got them positions on set. I then realised then that it could be a good business opportunity and especially with my skill of being able to find just about anyone who is a costume professional and get in contact with them.” (continues after ad)

What is it like to be in the situation of looking for work in the costume world?

Images from The Runaways by Eve Salter. Costume Daily helped Eve find a costume team for her first feature film.

“It can be a struggle to get noticed in the costume world and a lot of work is through who you know and not just what you know. My team and I have made quite a few contacts within the film and TV industry over the years which have proven to be vital in this business. Networking is the key, especially for students, they may find it hard to get experience and a lot of the time they are exploited for free labour. While I was in full time education I wanted to try every aspect of the costume industry so the idea of working for free didn’t bother me as it was the contacts that I found more valuable than the payment in the longrun. The financial aspect of working in costume can depend on the route you decide to take but also where it takes you.”


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