Costume Students Make Awesome Historically-Accurate Disney Characters

historically-accurate disney characters

A group of costume interpretation students stunned London’s Comic Con by turning up as historically-accurate versions of Disney characters. They met at UAL’s Wimbledon college on one of the UK’s top costume courses on making historical garments and adapting them for theatre and screen and – despite the incredible skills shown by these costumes – … Read more

Cosplayer Unleashes Epic Warhammer 40K Space Marine Armour

space marine warhammer 40k cosplay

A living history and cosplay photographer has taken his first steps in front of the camera in costume… and they are massive and groundshaking steps. Dave Sinclair, 56, commissioned a Rogal Dorn suit inspired by the character of the iconic tabletop wargames brand Games Workshop from designer John Davis in South Wales six months ago. … Read more

Stop Sexualising Cosplayers!

Stop sexualising cosplayers!

“Nerdy babes dress up in sexy costumes for London Comic Con” – the headline used by The Daily Star just hours after the event finished. That said, it wouldn’t have taken long to rehash its headline from the last MCM event in October: ‚ÄúRaunchy cosplay babes flock to UK as Comic Con hits capital.” Underneath … Read more

In Brief: What is Cosplay?


Cosplay is an unavoidable term in the costume world but represents a whole subculture with millions identifying with this trend that emerged in the 1990s. At a basic level it means ‘costume play’ and represents the culture of dressing up as a specific fictional character. That seems nothing new and simply puts a new name … Read more