Deku Cosplay – Appealing Cosplay Ideas For You

Deku Cosplay

“Stand up against bullying and speak for your rights.” Yes, that’s what Midoriya Izuku A.K.A Deku teaches us. He, despite being a weak and powerless kid, showed the guts to fight for the right things and ended up in the good books of All Might. All might be his kind self, trained Deku, and made … Read more

Shoto Todoroki – Unique Cosplay Ideas For You

Shoto Todoroki Cosplay

Follow your dreams and keep fighting against the evil, Shoto Todoroki is a constant symbol of rebellion. Although his father, Endeavour, has always tried to turn him into a negative person, he hasn’t let his father do so. What could be better then than mastering a Shoto Todoroki cosplay? If you are inspired by Todoroki’s … Read more