Ryan Murphy Honored for Supporting Costume Design

costume design award

Days after Ryan Murphy was honored with multiple Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice nominations for his FX hits Pose and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, the Costume Designers Guild announced that he will be honored at their upcoming awards show. The screenwriter, director and producer is set to receive the Distinguished Collaborator … Read more

Opinion: Is There a Costume Skills Shortage?

Is there a costume skills shortage? According to certain articles, which pop up regularly, particularly on social media, it would seem so. However, these articles are usually countered with outraged responses from costume makers struggling to find training or employment opportunities. I’ve been one of those makers. So what is going on? There are, in … Read more

Facing Dystopia With “Into The Badlands”

“This world is built on blood. Nobody is innocent here. Welcome to the Badlands.” Well, contrary to its opening dialogue, blood and a whole of intense production talent built the post-apocalyptic world of Into the Badlands. Who could have been a better fit for the head of costume design than Giovanni Lipari, whose past credits include … Read more

“Costume-Making is Dying. We Can’t Get the Skills.”

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The head of costume at the Royal Opera House has said that a lack of practical training has put the costume industry under threat. “It’s an area that is almost dying, and that’s so sad. When we try to recruit, it’s difficult to get the skills that we need,” said Fay Fullerton, who got her first … Read more

Rockstars and Capes: the Costumes of ‘Solo – A Star Wars Story’

LAndo in Solo: a Star Wars story

The costume designers behind Solo: A Star Wars Story have revealed some of the complex decisions that went into dressing the film’s lead characters Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Despite the futuristic look of the recent prequel trilogy, the original films had rather rugged costumes not dissimilar from today that made the films both tangible … Read more

Michael Kaplan Talks ‘The Alienist’ Costumes

Michael Kaplan Talks ‘The Alienist’

One of the world’s top film costume designers has spoken about swapping the futuristic alien styles of Star Wars for the elegant Victorian costumes of Netflix original series ‘The Alienist’. Michael Kaplan has worked on sci-fi greats such as Blade  Runner and recent reboots of Star Trek as well as modern classic Fight Club, but the … Read more

Costumers Are More Psychologists than Designers

fifty shades of grey costume designer

Feature film costume designer Shay Cunliffe has shed light on some of the role of her profession when confronting clashing creatives in the film industry as well as the vulnerabilities of many actors. She trained at the University of Bristol in England and began her design career in the New York theater. Her first job … Read more

Dressing the Afro-Futuristic Black Panther

black panther leather armour cosplay

Most costume designers have a degree of specialism – be it certain historical periods or broader styles. But few can claim a career largely based on and celebrated for the depiction of race. With past triumphs in Selma, Malcolm X, Amistad and Do the Right Thing, Ruth Carter was a natural choice for the major … Read more

The Trials of Freelance Costuming

Costume is a difficult and tedious profession to navigate on its own but the fact that most of it involves working as a “career-freelancer” has a huge impact on professionals’ finances, spare time and family. The BBC’s Sherlock and Lady Chatterley‘s Lover costume designer Sarah Arthur recently revealed the challenges she constantly faces. “You do lose … Read more

BAFTA Costume Design Nominations Announced

beauty and the beast costume

Beauty and the Beast Jacqueline Durran of 2012’s Anna Karenina looked straight to the Disney cartoon for inspiration. “Those costumes exist in people’s imaginations and all I wanted to do was to honor what they expect those costumes to be in a live action movie,” she told PEOPLE. “We decided to take inspiration from there and enrich … Read more