The Best Poison Ivy Costume Options

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To wear a Posing Ivy costume is to become one of the coolest female villains the Batman comics has to offer The character’s first appearance dates back to 1966, when her debut in Batman #181 was a complete success. Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, her first look was completely inspired -pretty much copied … Read more

Nicolas Cage’s “Superman Lives” Costume Resurrected

Nicolas Cage’s Superman Lives Costume Resurfaces in New Video

DC Comics news show DC Daily treated its comic-obsessed viewers to the costume that would have been worn by Nicolas Cage in the aborted Superman Lives film. Warner Bros. began developing the film in the mid-’90s with Kevin Smith writing the original screenplay. Producer Jon Peters ensured that Smith’s draft featured a Superman who didn’t … Read more

Aquaman Costume Design Nightmare For James Wan

Why Aquaman’s Classic Comic Costume Presented Real Challenges To James Wan

Aquaman’s costume of green and orange scales presented a sizeable design challenge for Aquaman director James Wan. As the filmmaker recently told CinemaBlend: “It’s not the easiest suit to make look cool. [Laughs] If you are doing a Batman movie, that’s an easy one to make look cool! But an Aquaman suit? It was a bit … Read more

Shop These Wonder Woman Superhero Cosplay Costumes

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It’s never too early to start thinking about a great Halloween costume or future cosplay! With Wonder Woman 2 underway we can’t wait to see how Wonder Woman 1984 will compare with Gal Gadot’s last heroic display.  Of course if you still hark for the classic Wonder Woman costume then you have plenty of options … Read more

Harley Quinn Cosplay: Who Was Harlequin?

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There is a part of me that will always identify itself with Harley Quinn cosplay having studied and cosplayed the character for two years now. For many cosplayers, Harley has helped us to understand and interact with the manic world around us. To understand exactly how, we should consider the values associated with her character … Read more