What’s Happened to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics?

Jo-Ann Fabrics

Jo-Ann Fabrics is now just “Joann” as a new shake up has looked to technology to expand and innovate on crafts for hobbyists and entrepreneurs alike. The 75-year-old US craft retailer has introduced¬†Joann+ to offer opportunities for businesses, organizations and crafty entrepreneurs¬†with volume pricing, dedicated customer service, flexible payment options, direct shipping and more. This … Read more

We Asked You For Your Worst Uses of Sewing Scissors…

you used my sewing scissors for what?

It seems a cliche and yet still no one knows that sewing scissors are for sewing and nothing else. After posting this meme on our social media feeds we couldn’t help but marvel at some of the responses. Some were very relatable, proving its not a problem confined to just a handful of households. Others … Read more