Costume Making is Dying: Your Response

Thousands of costumers reacted furiously to Royal Opera House costume head Fay Fullerton’s comments that the costume industry is “almost dying” because of a skills shortage – and many of the reasons given prove that this was rightly so. Firstly, an apology. Many of you believed The Costume Rag endorsed the comment wholeheartedly when we were … Read more

Making Historical Costumes Work for Performers

making historical costumes work for performers

Making costumes that fit with an aesthetic or historical period that still allow performers maximum comfort is a difficult task for costumers and the two rarely overlap. Costume designer Fay Fullerton joined the Royal Opera House’s prestigious costume department in 1977 and worked her way up the ranks until 2013 when she was appointed Head of Costume. That … Read more

“Costume-Making is Dying. We Can’t Get the Skills.”

elizabeth ballet roh

The head of costume at the Royal Opera House has said that a lack of practical training has put the costume industry under threat. “It’s an area that is almost dying, and that’s so sad. When we try to recruit, it’s difficult to get the skills that we need,” said Fay Fullerton, who got her first … Read more

Rigoletto Stuns the Royal Opera House


David McVicar’s acclaimed production of Verdi’s tragedy is a triumph with costumes supervised by Mary Fisher as the expert cast inhabit a post-apocalyptic set with a medieval mystique. The opening is a feast for the sartorially-inclined as an orgy spills from a sheet-metal facade and drapery swirls over farthingales and flesh tears out of dresses … Read more

Costume sales: Is First-come Fair?


The Royal Shakespeare Company’s eagerly anticipated costume sale on September 23, 2017, saw thousands of costume fans queue for hours to get hold of unique treasures. But many towards the back of the queue were left with a gutted warehouse as though a hurricane had torn through it. The winners were the hardcore who had … Read more