Rockstars and Capes: the Costumes of ‘Solo – A Star Wars Story’

LAndo in Solo: a Star Wars story

The costume designers behind Solo: A Star Wars Story have revealed some of the complex decisions that went into dressing the film’s lead characters Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Despite the futuristic look of the recent prequel trilogy, the original films had rather rugged costumes not dissimilar from today that made the films both tangible … Read more

Star Wars and the Power of Costume at Detroit Institute of Arts

Darth Vader Star Wars Costume exhibition detroit

A new exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts will display original Star Wars costumes and explore the artistry behind their creation. BB-8, Yoda and an Ewok join more than 60 original costumes from the first seven movies in the Star Wars saga in “Star Wars and the Power of Costume”, running May 20 – … Read more

Harley Quinn Cosplay: Who Was Harlequin?

Harley Quinn Harlequin suicide squad cezanne

There is a part of me that will always identify itself with Harley Quinn cosplay having studied and cosplayed the character for two years now. For many cosplayers, Harley has helped us to understand and interact with the manic world around us. To understand exactly how, we should consider the values associated with her character … Read more

Dressing the Afro-Futuristic Black Panther

black panther leather armour cosplay

Most costume designers have a degree of specialism – be it certain historical periods or broader styles. But few can claim a career largely based on and celebrated for the depiction of race. With past triumphs in Selma, Malcolm X, Amistad and Do the Right Thing, Ruth Carter was a natural choice for the major … Read more