The Best Victorian Dress Patterns December, 2022

victorian costume sewing patterns butterick

Make your own unique outfit with these amazing victorian dress patterns. These suppliers vary from authentic and historically accurate patterns to more theatrical and steampunk costume designs. Of course the real joy of making your own outfit is not only having your own choice of fabrics and trims but the freedom to alter patterns to … Read more

Top Cosplay By McCalls Costume Patterns

Mccalls cosplay pattern

Cosplay by McCall’s offers a huge range of great quality costume sewing patterns. These McCall’s cosplay sewing patterns come in a range of difficulty levels from easy sewing patterns to more advanced sewing patterns. McCalls Cosplay Mens & Ladies Sewing Pattern 2016 Capes & Detachable Lined Capelets McCall’s Patterns M2115OSZ MCC 2115 Costumes McCall’s M2115 … Read more

Renaissance Costumes Recreated in Epic National Gallery Collab

renaissance costume lorenzo lotto

Lorenzo Lotto’s portraits came to life from their quiet temporary exhibition at London’s National Gallery on December 7 in an immersive collaboration between upcoming acting and costume-making talents. Third Year students from Wimbledon College of Arts’ renowned Costume Design and Costume Interpretation courses recreated the Renaissance costumes for students of The Academy of Live and … Read more

How to Start Selling Your Craft To Make Money Online

Starting a website to sell your handmade products is a brave but very rewarding process if you can truly be your own boss. E-commerce has allowed thousands of online entrepreneurs and cottage industries to make money online with minimal start up costs. Years ago starting a sewing business meant early mornings at expensive market stalls, … Read more

We Asked You For Your Worst Uses of Sewing Scissors…

you used my sewing scissors for what?

It seems a cliche and yet still no one knows that sewing scissors are for sewing and nothing else. After posting this meme on our social media feeds we couldn’t help but marvel at some of the responses. Some were very relatable, proving its not a problem confined to just a handful of households. Others … Read more

You Should Start a New Craft – Here’s Why

woodwork craft

“I don’t want to die without any scars,” said the narrator in Fight Club, and the majority of this website’s highly creative readers probably agree. Most of us spend the majority of our time looking at our screens and my past roles as a student, journalist and now writing for the Costume Rag are no different. In … Read more

Five Reasons It’s Not OK To Ask For Free Sewing (And Why You Shouldn’t Give it)

Why it's not ok to ask for free sewing

“Oh, you sew? That’s great. Can you hem my trousers? Fix my curtains? Make me one of those?” Anyone who can sew knows these questions all too well but often the answer isn’t so clear. Time and again they get lured in with a smile and the opportunity for a good deed only to be … Read more

Are Fashion Plates Accurate?

1880s fashion plates

Fashion plates are the first source many historical costumiers turn to for a new outfit. They are easily available online such as on Pinterest, are drawn to showcase clothing in as simple and accessible a way as possible and they very often feature a printed date. Even those that don’t offer a date show so … Read more

A Dangerous Liaison with Gwen Russell

Dangerous Liasons

Christine Yoo Millar meets the prolific costumier Gwen Russell in New York who is best-known for being part of the team that dressed Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Liaisons. “Russell and her partner Janette Haslam were in the Oscar-winning costume teams behind both Dangerous Liaisons and Kenneth Brannagh’s Henry V. Her other movies include Interview with … Read more