Besame Cosmetics: Discover the Vintage Makeup Used in “The Artist”

“The Artist” struck cinemagoers with a bold take on the history of silent cinema by telling a stylised version of the arrival of dialogue-driven ‘talkies’. Watch closely and you might just catch a glimpse of a tin of Crimson Rouge vintage makeup, which is actually made by modern vintage cosmetics brand Besame Cosmetics. Besame Cosmetics 1938 Crimson … Read more

Top Online Vintage Clothing Stores

Shop at the best online vintage clothing stores as voted for by vintage fans! We’ve curated a list of suppliers so you can buy your perfect vintage dress and vote for your favourite retro shops. This list includes luxury second-hand designer pieces as well as vintage bargains on Ebay and Etsy. Start hunting for vintage … Read more

Karolina Zebrowska Talks “Real Women – Beauty Through The Decades”

Karolina Zebrowska became a Youtube sensation in 2015 with her hugely-successful video ‘Real Women – Beauty Through the Decades’ that conveyed a simple but powerful message on how we view the past. In just two minutes she debunked the popular idea that past decades were always glamorous – with vintage enthusiasts choosing to focus on … Read more

If Fur is Murder What About Astrakhan?

cute karakule persian astrakhan lamb

Did you know that the beautiful Astrakhan fleece of vintage coats, collars and accessories is skinned from unborn lambs? Specifically, the pelts come from Karakul sheep that are either fetal or killed and skinned before they reach three days old when their pelt remains tightly coiled and luxuriously soft. Unlike fur the garments made from … Read more