The Best Poison Ivy Costume Options

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To wear a Posing Ivy costume is to become one of the coolest female villains the Batman comics has to offer

The character’s first appearance dates back to 1966, when her debut in Batman #181 was a complete success. Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, her first look was completely inspired -pretty much copied from- by Bettie Page. Of course, you may know Page as THE pinup girl.

Her looks were not only popular for the audience of that time, but also with the dynamic duo. Becoming something of a love interest, a femme fatale you might say. Since she did not have an origin stories during the 60’s, she remained a temptress for some years until more depth was revealed.

Of course, she’s not all looks, she has toxins in her bloodstream, this gives her the ability of a deadly touch. And thanks to those toxins, she is also immune to all viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Also one of her powers seems to also be the ability to charm people and put her under her influence. She’s even had Batman under this weird charm-based control.

Since through the years her appearance has obviously changed up a lot, it’s hard to cover all the looks in just one list. So we bring you the top Poison Ivy’s costumes so you can choose the one that suits you better. Now, without further ado, here we go!

1. LYUMOSWorkShop Poison Ivy full costume cosplay DC comics

Poison Ivy costume

Poison Ivy’s costume has gone through a lot of changees throughout the years. Remember that during her first appearances Batman was still wearing the bright colored suit and Robin well, it’s best not to mention his clothes… While this particular costume is not based on the original design, it is indeed based in one of her many looks.

This is a top-of-the-class level cosplay, without a doubt. All the little details, and all the leaves looks as if they are completely natural. Definitely one of the most organic looking costumes out there


  • Excellent looks and details
  • Made to your own measurements
  • Adjusts perfectly to your body
  • Hand sewn with high-quality materials
  • You can choose to add the shoes if you want
  • The corset and the bottom part are separate pieces

2. Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy image 2

This Poison Ivy costume is, just as the seller and maker says, “perfect for a date with your Batman!”. This is one of those cosplays you get to see on conventions and be surprised by the quality. While it is not an overly complicated design, a very important thing to keep when making a Poison Ivy costume is style.

Remember she started off as a mistress, and she uses her charm a lot to put people under her power and control. You have to keep the style no matter what when cosplaying Ivy. This costume has excellent quality and design, and it is made with the most cautious attention to detail. While it may seem a bit expensive, it is still one of the best choices out there!


  • It includes a lot of pretty accessories
  • The branch and root-like accessories look pretty real
  • Every part of the costume can be shaped to your body and measurements
  • Handmade to suit you perfectly
  • Different options so that you can choose the one you’re more comfortable with
  • Very fresh and an overall nice feel

3. DC Comics Poison Ivy Deluxe Costume, Green, Medium

DC licensed Poison Ivy costume

This costume is yet a different version of Poison Ivy’s costume straight out from the comics. This costume is an officially licensed DC Comics product that includes the whole deal. It’s nice looking and is full of little details that really do bring it to life.


  • The skirt and the corset go great together
  • The included headband looks very realistic and organic
  • It has clear, transparent straps to keep the corset well adjusted
  • All the branches accessories pop-up nicely from the rest of the costume

4. Batman and Robin Poison Ivy Cosplay Costume

Batman Robin Poison Ivy costume

You probably thought I wouldn’t mention this one right? Well, the we have the thing for everyone here, without discrimination. Though the movie is generally recognized to be pretty much the worse Batman movie there is. Well, even the director said it was sorry for this movie.

But still, the design of Poison Ivy’s costume in that movie is quite different from all the other costumes we have in this list. And there are people out there who will actually prefer the very extravagant look of Ivy’s suit here


  • It’s a two-piece costume
  • It actually does include the boots and gloves
  • the removable belt makes it for a comfortable costue
  • Rather different than the rest

5. Xcoser Poison Ivy Costume Golden Red Mixed Color Long Wavy Prestyled Cosplay Wig

Of course you weren’t thinking on doing the Batman and Robin version of the Poison Ivy costume without the crazy hair right? Well, to save you all the trouble of styling your hair like that and keeping it that way all day long we have this.


  • The color is the same two-tone tint as the one in the movie
  • It will stay stylized through and through
  • Complete your Batman and Robin Poison Ivy’s costume without ruining your own hair

6. Batman Poison Ivy Wig

Even though this may not be a crazy stylized cosplay wig like the one we just listed, it is a beautiful one. Every cosplayer knows that one of the best ways to make your cosplay stand out is by getting the hair done right.

This wig looks and feels very natural, just as if it’s real human hair. It is also very nice if you’re planning in getting another redhead character cosplay. Since it does not have any weird or recognizable character-feature, it is very versatile


  • Looks very real
  • feels soft to touch
  • Perfectly reusable for different cosplay
  • Easy to brush
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Breathable material. You don’t have to worry for any itchiness

That’s all for now

Poison Ivy is easily one of the most recognizable villains Batman has. She’s been around for a very long time and has been adapted in various different media. She’s one of the main femme fatales in the comic world and an incredible temptress at that.

Remember that even though her looks are pretty much always changing there are some certain things that are always recognizable to the character. Knowing how to adapt those things to a design you like is the best part of working on any cosplay! Now, are you ready to rock one of these Poison Ivy costumes?