Dinosaur Costumes: How Roarsome Are These?

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Dinosaur costumes are the perfect crowd pleaser. When you enter that party you are guaranteed to turn some heads. Inflatable designs physically transform you while manufacturers have created gloves and shoe covers to hide your last remaining human flesh.

That said, there’s always going to be an element of pantomime to a costume like this, so you should feel free to take every opportunity for a laugh. Plenty of these dinosaur costumes show your head in their jaws!

Life is too short not to have fun, so try a dinosaur costume today, or upgrade to a fiery dragon costume with just a few extra accessories!

Top Dinosaur Costumes to buy

Buying a dinosaur costume is a great choice all year round. There are some great designs on the internet that will save you the hassle of constructing a giant reptile yourself!

1. Rubie’s Adult Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

This roarsome T-Rex costume looks amazing! The polyester dinosaur costume is officially licensed by the Jurassic Park film franchise! Don’t fancy blowing up a prehistoric monster? The inflatable costume comes with an inbuilt fan that runs off AA batteries (not included) – perfect for topping up after a rampage on the town. If you have friends looking for a stag party costume then bag a couple of these for the best group costume!


  • One-piece, durable costume
  • Officially licensed
  • Self-inflating

2. Dinosaur Triceratops hat any colour in adult children and baby sizes

This handmade dinosaur costume hat is just too cute! Available in all sizes and colours! The maker of this baby costume says you just choose your colours and sizing and they’ll do the rest to be beautifully crafted standard. Want a colour they don’t have listed? They will accept requests!

3. Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

If you don’t want to sweat inside an inflatable dinosaur costume then this bodysuit offers a bit more breathing room. The design morphs to your body with an impressive tail and feet. Plus, this T-Rex costume comes with a scary full-face mask.
  • A lighter costume for better mobility
  • Realistic skin design
  • Massive tail!

4. Spinosaurus Adult Dinosaur Costume

This dinosaur costume is both convincing in its textures and colour, but also hilariously comical when you see the human head in its jaws! Long talons complement the huge spine fin for one very well-accessorised beast! This high quality costume is made exclusively by HalloweenCostumes.com.
  • Durable
  • HalloweenCostumes exclusive
  • Realistic AND funny
  • Developed with mittens, spine and shoe covers

5. Pawstar DRAGON TAIL

Want a dinosaur costume without standing out too much? This fierce dragon tail sways naturally as you walk from side to side! The dragon costume tail slides onto a belt via 2 belt loops and sits flush with your lower back. Handcrafted with 15 years of experience.
  • Carefully made out of fleece, webbing and vinyl
  • Keeps you looking fresh, but with a demonic twist!
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty: if the item breaks from general use and wear despite proper care, the maker will fix or replace it for free!

6. AOFITEE Adult Skeleton Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

Add a gothic touch to this dinosaur halloween costume! The durable polyester has re-enforced stitching at stress points to make sure this full body jumpsuit lasts more than one wear. Like previous inflatable examples, this skeleton costume includes a fan for easy inflation. Imagine how this must look at night when only the white bones show in the dark!
  • Made to last
  • Will look epic in the dark
  • Not your average dinosaur costume!

7. Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Costume Dinosaur Riding a Raptor

As mentioned previously, you’re never going to look that convincing as a dinosaur. But a dinosaur rider on the other hand? These costumes use the classic trick of giving you fake legs to make it look like you are riding a dinosaur. This bright blue reptile looks more exotic than some of the more natural tones of other costumes. Again this makes a great group costume if you and your friends fancy going on a prehistoric safari!
  • Inflatables can be unreliable – this one has a 90-day gaurantee
  • You’re still you – but on a dinosaur!
  • Why not pair with an explorer suit?