Top Descendants 3 Costumes To Make Or Buy August, 2022

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The Descendants movie series is kind of an unexpected series of movies that came out in a really unexpected way. A musical based on the second generation villains, or so to say.

Each one of the movies records the lives of the teenage children of four of the most famous and evil Disney villains that now live on the Isle of the Lost.

The movie series has got to be fairly popular among the teen audience. So, Disney being Disney, it’s only natural that the movies have received a lot of different extra material. Spin-offs, light novels, animated series and even other short films have been accompanying the three main movies.

Of course, one of the most popular aspects of the movies is, of course, the music itself. Being a musical, and not just any musical, but a Disney original musical, the soundtrack is pretty well made, Television movies usually don’t get that much attention, and even more so now with all the streaming services right now, But Disney still has the magic touch, and is able to come up with original content that’s popular enough to get three movies and extra content rolling

So, with all that being said, it’s to be expected that the Descendants costumes will be a pretty popular choice among the teens and younger audience this Halloween and in the conventions, so without further ado, let’s see the top Descendants 3 costumes around.

Descendants 3 Costumes To Buy Now

While making a Descendants 3 cosplay can be fun, buying something ready-made is so much easier. Unlike most fashion purchases, buying a costume tends to be cheap, enjoyable and less wasteful if you keep wearing it unlike a party dress that gets forgotten about or thrown away.

1. Disney Descendants 3 Mal Cosplay Costume

Mal descendants 3 costume

Queen Maleficent Bertha, better known simply as Mal, is the main protagonist of all the three main Descendants movies and also Descendants: Wicked World. She is this super strong character, the daughter of Maleficent and Hades, a powerful magician and a demigoddess. She’s been overcoming many obstacles in her way of becoming her true self, turning her back on evil.

This Costume is an excellent rendition to the character. The materials, details and colors are really spot on. The cotton and artificial leather look just like the costume they use in the movie. It also includes most of the accessories you’ll need for the character


  • Looks amazing, worth the price
  • A lot of accessories included
  • Will be the most detailed Mal costume around
  • Made to your measurements

2. Disney Descendants 3 Evie Cosplay Costume B Edition

Evie Descendants 3 costume

Evie is another of the main characters of the films. Even though she has spent a lot of time looking for her prince, she has learned that a perfect prince is not everything in the world, This also helped her understand that she is more than just a pretty face, and that real beauty goes way beyond the looks.

She’s the daughter of Evil Queen, and though she possesses the magic mirror, it is still unknown if she has any kind of magical powers beyond that. Anyway, she uses a really cool black and red outfit.

3. Audrey Descendants 3 Costume

Princess Audrey is one of the antagonist of the show. The character is a supporting character and an antagonist in the movies, but even so, she-s very popular when it comes to costumes. Probably because of her nice costume design and the personality of the character.

Confident, strong and naturally royal, she’s the daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. She used to be the most popular princess in school before Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay arrived. this costume is excellent for the girls out there that want to be the daughter of the good princesses and not the villains.


  • Excellent for the little girls of the house
  • Fairly inexpensive and good looking
  • Nice print and materials
  • Includes lovely looking accessories

4. Uma Descendants 3 costume

Uma’s another one of he most popular characters of the movies. She’s also one of the main antagonist of Descendants 3, and is Mal’s former archenemy. She’s one of the most evil villains of the movies

Being the daughter of Ursula, she’s very manipulative, ambitious and sassy. She’s now used Mal’s absence in the Isle of the Lost in her favor to become more powerful. Her power grew so much that she’s now the self proclaimed queen of the Isle. Being this big of a villain, of course she’s one of the favorite characters to get a costume of. And of course we have the best for your little girl


  • Jumpsuit and jacket included
  • Nice details and great print quality
  • Materials are excellent
  • Easy to take care of
  • Very affordable, great choice for Halloween

5. Celia Facilier Descendants 3 Costume

Even though Celia can sometimes be described as Sassy, mischievous and with a especial knack for being a little “mean” there’s a lot more to her than that. Being raised by her father, Dr. Facilier, it’s no wonder why she turned out to be the way she is, all feisty and witty, especially when it comes to making money, and she’s also the younger sister of Freddie Dacilier

She worked as an errand runner for Hades and a fortune teller just like her father. Even with all this, Celia is also very loyal, caring and even brave when it comes to protecting her loved ones and if the situations calls for it, and unlike her father, can even be very trustworthy. This costume is excellent for the little one in the house to become one of the coolest and most clever character in the Descendants movie saga.


  • The print on the fabric looks great and very colorful
  • It includes the colorful jacket and the leggings with the shirt panel attached
  • It also includes some accessories such as the fingerless gloves and the headband with the top feathered hat
  • Easy to take care of this 100% polyester costume

6. Uma Wig for Girls Descendants 3

We previously included the Uma costume, however, if you’ve seen the character you’ll notice that if you really want to get the character look right, you’ll need the hair too. It’s not like it is just a hairstyle you can get done with a few minutes or something like that.

Uma has a turquoise hairstyle with locks that are braided across the top and in the front and waves flow from the back. As you can see, it is not simple at all, yo it’s best to just go and get a wig, and this is an excellent choice for that. It is much better to just save time and wear a wig as good as this one than to try and recreate the hairstyle of the character yourself


  • It’s very comfortable, breathable and itch-free
  • Looks just like the hair of the character
  • Easy to keep organized and nice looking
  • Much faster solution than doing it yourself
  • It’s also probably much cheaper than doing it for real
  • You can keep your hair natural

7. Audrey Descendants 3 Wig

Once again, the costume is already on the list but have you seen that hair? It’s not easy to do those three colors at the same time and still have it look good. Even in the movies they use wigs for these characters so why not do it too for your costume or your child’s? Here we always aim at making your life easier, and getting your hair done like that is not easy at all

This wig does not directly say it’s meant for Audrey’s costume, however it is still the exact same look nonetheless. It is immediately recognizable from the movie and it also has a beautiful hairstyle. Not only is the color very spot on, but it also keeps its style nice and cute. It looks very natural and “real”, at least as real as a fantasy wig can be


  • With a wig you don’t have to mess up your natural hair if you don’t want to
  • It includes the wig cap and even the crown that looks very much in the style of the movies, and especially for the character
  • Takes less time and it is much cheaper than fixing up your hair to look like this
  • Made with heat-resistant synthetic fiber. This means that you can even dye it, cut it, or fix it pretty much however you want by yourself without damaging it

8. Red Heart Evie Tiara from Descendants 3

Red Heart Evie Tiara from Descendants 3

Even more than all the beautiful dresses and fancy manners, there is one thing above all that represent a royal girl as a princess. We are talking of course of her crown, or tiara in this case. Every princess needs one, and of course Evie is no exception to the rule

We all know that Evie never leaves home without her beautiful crown, so why would your costume be an exception to this? Her crown is one of the most important things to her, it is pretty odd to see her without the crown, that is, of course, if you ever do. Still, since it is so important too her, it would be nice to have a good one for your costume, and this one is great


  • Excellent for feeling just like a real princess
  • Great build quality
  • Amazingly detailed for the price
  • Very nice looking
  • Each one is individually handcrafted

9. Carlos Jumpsuit Descendants 3 Costume

Another major character in the movies, especially in the third movie, is Carlos Oscar De Vil. Of course, as his name implies, he is the son of Cruella De Vil, but he does not really carry many of the attributes of his mother. Since he was raised to believe that the dogs are terrible creatures, he grew up with an irrational fear towards canines.

He’s younger and physically weaker than the rest of his class, so this means that, unlike his mother, he is a common target of bullies and has been treated as a slaev for quite a long time. He even despises the idea of going against the authorities. However, despite all this, he is one of the most loyal characters in these movies, he deeply cares for his friends. Mostly honest, he’s also one of the characters with the purest of the hearts. This costume is an excellent rendition to this great characters, and it is especially great for the boys that are also fans of the Descendants movies!


  • Looks and feels great
  • It can be worn even if it is not to play the character
  • The looks are very spot on
  • Great and durable materials
  • Excellent for the boys of the house

DIY Descendants Costumes

DIY Audrey Costume

Audrey is Disney’s newest princess villain and with her break out song, Queen of Mean, what little girl isn’t begging to be Audrey?

Audrey’s signature look starts with her bold fushia and purple hair. Coloring dye wax is a great alternative to the typical semi-permanent hair dye or hair paint spray cans available in Halloween stores. Starting at just $6.36, Amazon has a variety of options to choose from. Go with something that has natural ingredients to avoid scalp irritation, like Mofajang’s Hair Coloring Material.

Mofagang’s hair wax works on all hair colors and completely washes out with water, so clean up is easy (Bonus!) Starting with fushia at the crown of the head, you’ll want to gradually change the color to purple at the tips, making sure to work in some sporadic purple strands.

Your little girl can’t be the Queen of Mean without Audrey’s crown and scepter. Choose a gold crown with blue jewels, like KMVEXO’s Baroque Royal Queen Gold Wedding Crown in blue (can be purchased on Amazon for $16.99). If you’re feeling extra crafty and already have a crown laying around , just grab a can of gold spray paint and metallic blue craft paint for a one of a kind look. DecoArt’s Sapphire Extreme Sheen Paint is a great option for the jewel accents.

Audrey’s scepter has lots of texture so recreating the look will require some creativity! For the most realistic looking scepter, get your little one involved looking outside for a tall, skinny walking stick. It should be just above their shoulder. If that’s not an option, try shortening an old broom handle wrapped in large 2 inch ribbon. Spray paint either item with a matte black. For the jewel at the top, wad up some newspaper in a tight fist-sized ball and spray paint light green. Krylon has a line of Shimmer Metallic Spray paint that would be perfect for this project. It can be purchased at any local home improvement store or Walmart.

Audrey’s royal outfit has lots of layers: a feather cape, off the shoulder top, belted train, leather leggings, and wedge booties. To pull off Audrey’s look, you’ll want to stay in a color scheme of pink, purple, and black. Go to your local craft store and choose 1-2 yards of a fabric of your choosing (staying in Audrey’s color scheme), Black or dark purple sheer voile would be a great option for the cape and train that won’t weight down your little one and is easy to move in.

Next, pick up some feathers (either in black or purple…or both) that you can glue to the cape. The train will just be a rectangular piece glued to the underside of a thick belt. Amazon has some great options for lace-up waist belts, starting as low as $8.99. For smaller children (under 7) I’d suggest buying some extra fabric to wrap around the waist. You can secure with bobby pins or safety pins.

For the shirt, pants, and shoes, try choosing items that can be re-used in her everyday wardrobe. If you already have a pink or purple shirt on hand, just cut off the collar to create that off-the-shoulder look. You can find faux leather leggings on Amazon for as low as $8.99. Swtddy’s Stretch Girls Faux Leather Fleece Pants come in Wine Red – the perfect color for this Audrey inspired look. Wedge booties are easy to find in just about any local store. Dangle some gold bangles or gold necklaces wrapped around the ankle for some extra texture.

Topping off Audrey’s look is her incredible make-up! ColourPop Cosmetics has two palettes that would be perfect in pulling off Audrey’s look: Lilac You Alot Eye Shadow Pallette and It’s My Pleasure Eye Shadow Palette in Purple are two great options. While Audrey’s eye makeup is really bold, the rest of her look is more natural. Use a light pink blush on the cheeks and go for a more natural lip, like MAC Powder Kiss lipstick in Reverence or My Tweedy. Painting your little one’s nails a dark purple or black will finish off the whole look!

And just like that, you’ve turned your little princess into the Queen of Mean!

Bad is the new good

It seems that everyday we seem to like more and more the villains than the good guys. Maybe it’s because they’re so complex and cool. However, in descendants they completely turned this around and literally made the villains be the good guy, and it seems to be working so far .