Top Descendants 3 costumes

The Descendants movie series is kind of an unexpected series of movies that came out in a really unexpected way. A musical based on the second generation villains, or so to say.

Each one of the movies records the lives of the teenage children of four of the most famous and evil Disney villains that now live on the Isle of the Lost.

The movie series has got to be fairly popular among the teen audience. So, Disney being Disney, it’s only natural that the movies have received a lot of different extra material. Spin-offs, light novels, animated series and even other short films have been accompanying the three main movies.

Of course, one of the most popular aspects of the movies is, of course, the music itself. Being a musical, and not just any musical, but a Disney original musical, the soundtrack is pretty well made, Television movies usually don’t get that much attention, and even more so now with all the streaming services right now, But Disney still has the magic touch, and is able to come up with original content that’s popular enough to get three movies and extra content rolling

So, with all that being said, it’s to be expected that the Descendants costumes will be a pretty popular choice among the teens and younger audience this Halloween and in the conventions, so without further ado, let’s see the top Descendants 3 costumes around.

Descendents 3 Costumes To Buy Now

While making a Descendents 3 cosplay can be fun, buying something ready-made is so much easier. Unlike most fashion purchases, buying a costume tends to be cheap, enjoyable and less wasteful if you keep wearing it unlike a party dress that gets forgotten about or thrown away.

1. Disney Descendants 3 Mal Cosplay Costume

Mal descendants 3 costume

Queen Maleficent Bertha, better known simply as Mal, is the main protagonist of all the three main Descendants movies and also Descendants: Wicked World. She is this super strong character, the daughter of Maleficent and Hades, a powerful magician and a demigoddess. She’s been overcoming many obstacles in her way of becoming her true self, turning her back on evil.

This Costume is an excellent rendition to the character. The materials, details and colors are really spot on. The cotton and artificial leather look just like the costume they use in the movie. It also includes most of the accessories you’ll need for the character


  • Looks amazing, worth the price
  • A lot of accessories included
  • Will be the most detailed Mal costume around
  • Made to your measurements

2. Disney Descendants 3 Evie Cosplay Costume B Edition

Evie Descendants 3 costume

Evie is another of the main characters of the films. Even though she has spent a lot of time looking for her prince, she has learned that a perfect prince is not everything in the world, This also helped her understand that she is more than just a pretty face, and that real beauty goes way beyond the looks.

She’s the daughter of Evil Queen, and though she possesses the magic mirror, it is still unknown if she has any kind of magical powers beyond that. Anyway, she uses a really cool black and red outfit.

3. Audrey Descendants 3 Costume

Princess Audrey is one of the antagonist of the show. The character is a supporting character and an antagonist in the movies, but even so, she-s very popular when it comes to costumes. Probably because of her nice costume design and the personality of the character.

Confident, strong and naturally royal, she’s the daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. She used to be the most popular princess in school before Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay arrived. this costume is excellent for the girls out there that want to be the daughter of the good princesses and not the villains.


  • Excellent for the little girls of the house
  • Fairly inexpensive and good looking
  • Nice print and materials
  • Includes lovely looking accessories

4. Uma Descendants 3 costume

Uma Descendants 3 costume

Uma’s another one of he most popular characters of the movies. She’s also one of the main antagonist of Descendants 3, and is Mal’s former archenemy. She’s one of the most evil villains of the movies

Being the daughter of Ursula, she’s very manipulative, ambitious and sassy. She’s now used Mal’s absence in the Isle of the Lost in her favor to become more powerful. Her power grew so much that she’s now the self proclaimed queen of the Isle. Being this big of a villain, of course she’s one of the favorite characters to get a costume of. And of course we have the best for your little girl


  • Jumpsuit and jacket included
  • Nice details and great print quality
  • Materials are excellent
  • Easy to take care of
  • Very affordable, great choice for Halloween

Bad is the new good

It seems that everyday we seem to like more and more the villains than the good guys. Maybe it’s because they’re so complex and cool. However, in descendants they completely turned this around and literally made the villains be the good guy, and it seems to be working so far .

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