Top Facebook Groups for Costume

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Are you tired of the fact that most people you meet day to day don’t share your interest in costume? The result can be extremely isolating when you have to join conversations you don’t connect with but Facebook groups are full of engaging conversations on what you really care about.

If you go to many events then you probably leave with an incredible sense of loss having spent a few precious hours with kindred spirits only to turn and leave for countless weeks of boredom. Thankfully the internet is at hand and, while Instagram is great for sharing images getting and promoting what you do, getting into real conversations is certainly best on Facebook.  With groups you can find more or less precisely the costume niche you’re into with a global network of people who you probably have a lot more in common with than your colleagues. This also provides a fantastic resource for getting your questions answered when you’re in the midst of a difficult idea or project.

Yes “friends” might not be what you call your online connections but have you ever been at an event and met someone in the flesh you’ve known for years online? It really does happen. We can be bored at our desks but secretly connected to a worldwide network so that when we do meet for real there is never going to be an awkward icebreaker!

Costume Networking Group

If you’re in the costume profession or studying towards it then this is the group for you. This group is full of friendly and enthusiastic people with a vast wealth of knowledge on sewing and the costume industry.

Costume Fanatics!

This is the Costume Rag’s own offering for the online costume community. We’re slowly building this new group to encompass everyone we write for from cosplayers and goths to historically-accurate costumiers of all eras. If you enjoy dressing up for the sheer fun of it or make for people who do then feel free to join and share your latest projects. Don’t forget to invite anyone you know who can join the discussion.

Medieval Re-enactment

This group has been set up to promote and encourage medieval re-enactment and says members should feel free to add links and information pertinent to medieval re-enactment. All they ask is do not post any items for sale or websites that sell items for re-enactment or any other.

Elizabethan Costume

The Early Modern Period may not seem as big as the Victorian scene but this group compensates for its smaller scale with a community of very knowledgeable authorities on the finest details of this amazing period.

18th Century Sewing

Expect the finest gowns from anglaise to francais in this largely US-led group. Reenactors, historians and collectors who love 18th century (Georgian) and Regency clothing are welcome to share their sewing, patterns, cuts of clothing, tailoring and decorations as long as they fall in the 1700 – 1825 era.

19th Century Sewing

As above, this group showcases all sorts of sewing projects and advice from the Victorian period. The group says you can post your creations or chat about anything to do with 19th century costume from the years 1801-1900. You can also post about hairstyles, accessories, etiquette, techniques or anything else related to 19th century costumes and reenactment. The admins say feel free to share your blogs and pages, comments or questions, fabric and accessory sources, and reenactment or other 19th Century events.


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