Top 10 Harry Potter Costumes

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The Harry Potter costumes are now a big tradition all over the world. The books are of course a huge thing, but the costumes probably became more famous thanks to the movies. Of course, getting a more visual version of the thing really helped out a lot.

Probably one of the most popular fantasy novel series in the world, Harry potter’s created by the British author J.K. Rowling back in 1997. We all know what Harry Potter is about of course, it’s one of the best selling franchises in history, so explaining it would be a waste of time to explain it again here.

The magic of Harry Potter has reached pretty much all kinds of media, from books to video games. Being as big and iconic as it is now, there are even entire parks dedicated to the magic world Rowling created. Thousands and thousands of costume parties take place every year just to celebrate and even binge-watch all the 8 movies. Needless to say how popular these costumes are in Halloween. So, to make the job of getting yourself the best Harry Potter costume in the party easier, we’ve go you a list of the best costumes we could find.

1. Harry Potter Costume Hogwarts Robe

Hogwarts uniform
One of the best things about getting a Harry Potter costume is that they use a uniform. Now, while usually a uniform is not such a great thing, in this case it is excellent for you. If you’ve seen the movies or read the books, chances are that you have fantasized about going to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

These kind of costumes are perfect for fulfilling that dream. This is a high quality robe that looks just like the ones they wear in the movies. It’s excellent to not just become one of the characters of Harry Potter, but also to become a student of Hogwarts yourself. But of course, you can also add some small accessories and details in order to make it a real Harry Potter costume.

Do keep in mind however that this costume does not have include what you’re supposed to wear under the robe. Of course, you could pretty much wear anything you want, but probably something fancy would nicely go along and look great


  • Authentic colors and design
  • It has a freaking magic wand pocket
  • High quality fabric and sewn
  • The featured image is for the Gryffindor, but the Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin ones are also available
  • Multiple sizes for children and adults are available
  • Adjustable snap buttons
  • Pretty nice looking, especially for the accessible price

2. Charades Hogwarts Adult costume

Harry potter costume

While the first one on the list is made entirely after the ones from the movies, this one takes a little more liberties. Not only is it a bit different, but it is also quite more expensive than the other one.

The original design still looks great however. And the details are amazingly added. Once again, the featured image here is for the Gryffindor one, but Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin are also available for you to choose your favorite house


  • A bit more expensive but the quality is amazing
  • Amazing little details you’ll really appreciate
  • It’s not only the Robe, but also the heather knot, sweater, the amazing house-themed tie and even a dickie
  • It is really fun and comfortable to wear

3. Albus Dumbledore costume

Albus dumbledore harry potter costume

While being a student of Hogwarts is really cool, there are other characters in the series. One of the main characters is one of the best wizards in history: Albus Dumbledore. The headmaster of the wizardry school Hogwarts is a world-famous magician.

With this costume you can stand out from the other Hogwarts student costumes. Keep in mind that, unless you’re an old magician or a thin Santa Claus, you might want to find a wig and a fake beard to go along with the costume. Once you do that and wear this costume too, you’ll be one of the most powerful wizards the world has ever seen


  • The costume includes a coat, shirt, hat and even the wrist piece
  • Very original
  • Excellent design
  • Looks a lot like the one in the movies
  • It is very detailed
  • You’ll look really cool if you get the beard and the wig

4. Minerva McGonagall costume

McGonagall Harry Potter costume

If there is another magician that’s as respected as Albus Dumbledore inside Hogwarts, that would be professor McGonagall. Not only is she the the Transfiguration professor, but she’s also the Head of Gryffindor house and worked for two years at the Ministry of Magic. She even became Deputy Headmistress and Headmistress of Hogwarts in different occasions

Remember that McGonagall’s big hat is not included, however that’s not such a big deal. Unlike Dumbledore’s beard and hair, she’s seen many times without her hat. So if you don’t feel like spending some extra money on the hat, with this costume alone you’re good to go


  • Looks and feels great
  • It’s very similar to the one in the movies
  • Nice attention to details
  • Fits perfectly
  • Easy and comfortable to wear

5. Rubeus Hagrid Costume

Some of the main characters of the Harry Potter series are definitely among the mos powerful magicians in history. But probably one of the most influential in Harry’s life is not the strongest, nor the wisest. He may not have the best spells, but he surely has one the biggest heart. Rubeus Hagrid is a character that easy to love and hard to forget

Sometimes it’s not easy finding a character for a big guy, but if you’re planning on a Harry Potter costume and you’re a big person, then you should totally consider this Hagrid Costume. One of the best things about getting this costume is that you can rest assure that you’ll find at least one Harry Potter, or at leas someone on a Hogwarts uniform, and you’ll make a great match with them. Also, it is nice to dress as a character from the Wizarding World without it being Harry or a student


  • Excellent for big guys, but you can also make your own Hagrid version, even if you’re not a big person
  • It includes the shirt, vest, coat, pant and belt
  • It goes perfectly with this set of wig and beard for your costume
  • You’ll be the friendly half-giant everyone loves at the costume party or convention
  • Excellent materials and fit

6. Harry Potter House Quidditch Robes in Gryffindor, Syltherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Colors

Just like in our muggle world, sports are a very important part of society and even culture. The mos popular sport in the wizarding world i without a doubt the Quidditch. A sport full of action, excitement and even violence. Of course, just like with us, every school has a sport team, but in the case of Hogwarts each house has a unique team. Usually they compete against each other, but in bigger tournaments, they may even face different schools. And just like in real life, there are teams for every country and clubs.

This costume is excellent for any sports fan out there. Not only because it can be used as a costume, but you can also wear them if it’s cold or something like that. These are the capes only, so that’s also an important thing to keep in mind. However, even though these only include the robes, they are of very high quality and look amazing

The author even created a book us to learn about the history of Quidditch and how it has changed throughout time


  • You can choose whichever house you like the best. We recommend the Pottermore official quiz if you really want to know which house you belong in
  • Amazingly detailed
  • Excellent materials
  • Handmade to your measurements
  • They look and feel great
  • Very comfortable to wear

7. Severus Snape Cosplay Costume

It takes a lot of courage to face your enemies, but it takes a lot more to walk among them to protect your loved ones. Severus Snape is one of the most interesting and important characters in the whole series. At a young age he fell in love with Lily Potter, and because of that love he’s been helping Dumbledore to protect her son Harry.

Even though he had to gain a lot of hate from some characters, in the end he was proven to be one of the kindest and most loving characters in the whole story. His dark clothing style and aura make him one of the coolest characters too. He’s a hero that doesn’t ask for glory or fame, yet he helped more than most, and with this amazing costume you can look as cool as he does


  • The same site also has the wig available, you can order it separately or you can email them once you make your order for the costume so that you get one too
  • It will make you look as cool as Snape himself
  • You can carry your wand around in its pocket
  • Fits perfectly, you can have it done to your own measurements
  • Excellent materials
  • High quality details

8. Bellatrix Lestrange Costume for Harry Potter Cosplay

It’s pretty cool to be the heroes of the story, but it is also very nice to become one of the villains. One of the craziest villains the Harry Potter has to offer is Bellatrix Lestrange. She’s totally insane and wears completely evil, and even so she’s cousin to Harry’s godfather Sirius Black.

Even though it’s her own family, she goes on and kills Sirius, the last family member Harry had left. Even though she’s easy to despise, a good villain is supposed to be so, and that’s what makes her a cool character. You can have a lot of fun wearing this beautiful handmade Bellatrix Lestrange costume and enjoy being part of the bad guys


  • Amazing quality materials
  • Handmade to your measurements to make sure it fits perfectly
  • It includes most of the accessories necessary for the costume
  • Always tailored to perfection
  • Nice attention to the details of the design
  • Looks just like one of her dresses

9. Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald Newt Scamander Cosplay Costume

When talking about the Wizarding World there’s just no way we would leave our dear friend Newt Scammander out. The main character of his very own series of movies, Fantastic Beasts helps us understand better the whole wizarding world and its nature. You’ll learn not only about the backstory of some characters, but also how the wizarding world works outside of Hogwarts

Newt is an amazing character, he’s an incredibly important magician, not only for how good he is with magic, but also for recording information and taking core of hundreds of magical creature, making him pretty much the most important zoologist of magic creatures. If you-re a fan of Newt, this is the best costume you can get of the character, annd it is not too expensive either


  • Looks beautiful, not only as a costume but also as a piece of clothing
  • The colors and the design are really spot on, just the thing you need
  • Comfortable and can be made to your measurements to make sure it fits you perfectly
  • You can add this amazing case so that your costume is complete

10. Magic Wand prop

Magic wands harry potter costume prop

It doesn’t matter which character you choose from the Harry Potter, one thing is almost guaranteed, it will be a wizard. Sure, you can try and go for a Dementor costume or something like that. But if you do go for a wizard, you will need a wand. As you know, the wands in Harry Potter are pretty unique for each person and here you get a lot of options that will suit your character.

Even if you just want to be you in a Hogwarts costume instead of a character, you’ll still need a wand, in that case you could choose whichever you like the best


  • They are excellent recreations of the ones from the movies
  • They look very real
  • Nice packaging

Do you believe in magic?

Harry Potter is such a big thing now that its universe is still in expansion. Aside from the movies, the books were some of the first books an entire generation read while learning the basics. What the saga has achieved is really something magical. And with these costumes you’re ready to join all this magic and share with the millions of fans all over the planet