Top Money Heist Costumes

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Choosing the top Money Heist costumes can very very tricky. You’ve seen the show, it’s not like they have odd anime clothing or something like that. However they do have one very peculiar outfit, you know where we’re going with this.

While some people might think that Money Heist is a Netflix original series, it actually is not. La Casa de Papel was created by Álex Pina, getting its original run of 15 episodes on the Spanish network Antena 3. Later on Netflix bought the global streaming rights and then divided the series into 22 shorter and so on.

Newer episodes and bigger budget came and now the filming of the part 4 has ended and is soon to be released. Money Heist is definitely one of the most successful foreign series on Netflix.

So, we all know where we are going when choosing the top Money Heist costume, so, let’s get started with it then

1. Full Money Heist costume set

This is of course the first and pretty much only thing that comes to mind when choosing to get a Money Heist costume. A costume that has become so iconic that it’s already a classic. It was even presented at the Rio Carnival and it is now part of the wax museum at the Musée Grévin in Paris.

Of course, not everything is positive. Some people took it took the whole concept too far. There was a real heist at a Hotel in Nantes back in 2018 where two of the heis men wore the red costume and the Dali mask.

This costume is a really great choice if you want to buy the whole thing together You get the full package and it looks great, exactly like it does in the show


  • Very inexpensive
  • The sizes will suit you perfectly
  • Looks just like the real deal
  • It includes the whole package
  • Excellent for group cosplaying

2. Red Overall Costume

Sometimes you just want to not wear a mask, and that’s alright too. Since this costume is so simple, it is actually very easy to find alternatives around. This red jumpsuit is actually of very high quality, and it is perfect if you’d like to assemble your own costume part by part.

Who knows, maybe you already have your very high quality Salvador Dali mask and you just need a jumpsuit, then this is for you. The high quality polyester is very easy to wash and keep clean, and it is also very fresh and comfortable


  • It’s very basic, so you can think of it as a blank canvas for you to start working on
  • Very high quality materials
  • The sewn is nicely done and resistant
  • Comfortable and fresh to use over your clothes
  • Bright color

3. Money Heist Face Mask Salvador Dali

Probably your case is the opposite from the last one. Maybe you JUST want to wear the mask, and if you do, we’ve got you covered. You can change the costume a little to wear a different jumpsuit, but the mask is the pretty much the most iconic element

Or maybe the Salvador Dali mask you found is not nice enough. This is an amazing choice if for whatever reason you’re just looking for the mask. It’s 100% latex, so it’s not flat like many other options you can find around.


  • Great 3D look and feel
  • Will stand out from all the other glossy or hard plastic ones
  • Looks very good, especially for the price
  • You can adapt it to different styles of costume
  • Just in time for this Halloween

4. Money Heist hoodie

It’s always nice to be able to carry your favorite character with you, however you can’t go around dressed as a bank robber. Also, wearing a mask is not well seen pretty much anywhere. This is why this item just had to be on the list.

Hoodies are one of the most comfortable clothing piece you can wear. They go nicely in most occasions, and sometimes they are the best why to take your favorite characters with you wherever you go. This is why this Money Heist “costume” is one of the coolest way you have to carry La Casa de Papel with you


  • It looks great
  • The design is both cool and funny
  • Excellent print quality
  • Nice for taking a Money Heist costume without looking suspicious

5. Prop Canvas Money Bag

Now, I know that this is not technically a part of a Money Heist costume, like, come on, just look at it. But I though it would be a fun addition to any costume of La Casa de Papel out there

This is not for the serious cosplayers of course. But it will certainly give your costume a nice, cartoony and funny look. This is excellent if you’re planning on dressing as a Money Heist robber this year in Halloween


  • A nice touch to a serious costume
  • Looks really good
  • The very cartoony design will sure catch many eyes at the costume party
  • It will definitely make yours stand out from the other Money Heist costumes

So, estáis listo?

Probably the creators of the show had no idea they were in for such a big thing when they first started, but it is now already moving and it’s not stopping soon apparently. So there’s just not a better time for you to wear one of the top Money Heist costumes than now!