Our Top 10 Star Wars costumes

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Star wars costumes have been a tradition ever since the first movie came out in 1977. Now over 40 years after that, there are still new movies coming out. Of course with new movies come new characters, and so the Star Wars universe, much like the real universe, keeps expanding and expanding in a seemingly infinite way.

Sta Wars is the american epic space-opera that completely revolutionized the industry as we all know it. Merchandising and movies were never the same after that 1977’s summer. The movies quickly became a pop-culture phenomenon. The franchise was already huge but at am certain point it seemed like it was over, at least in the movie department. Of course this all changed once Disney got the rights to it.

Now there are new main Star Wars movies and TV shows, spin-offs, backstory movies, video games, new animated series and all that you can think of. In a personal opinion that is too much already of Star Wars and it may have lost some of its magic now. But still, they are incredibly successful each year, and so the franchise keeps on growing and growing.

Whether it is good or not that’s up to the fans to decide, but one thing’s for sure, Star Wars costume are far from going away any time soon. And since they’ve been a fan favorite for over 40 years, here we’ve got the top Star Wars costumes you can get right now.

1. Obi Wan Kenobi – Star Wars Jedi robes

Star wars obi wan jedi robe costume

As I mentioned on the Top Harry Potter costumes list, sometimes, especially when it comes to costumes, uniforms are a blessing. A uniform means that there are at least a couple of characters that will be wearing the same clothing, making it easier to get the costumes done. Of course, this time it is not a magic school but instead the honorable Jedi.

The Jedi Order is an ancient monastic, academic, meritocratic and quasi-militaristic organization that dates back to thousands of years before the events in the movies. They are also the guardians of piece in the galaxy and protect all sapient life. Many philosophies and technological advances have been developed by the Order.

The costume itself is intended to be a Obi Wan, one of the best and most important Jedi Masters ever. He was the Master, mentor and personal friend of Anakin Skywalker. This costume will not only help you becoming in becoming Obi Wan, but since it’s a uniform you can also become one of the good guys of the galaxy with it. See? The magic of uniforms


  • Looks amazingly well
  • Incredibly comfortable to wear
  • The package includes the cloak, shirt, pants, belt and the boots cover
  • Very versatile costume
  • Can be made to your measurements or one of the pre-made sizes

2. Han Solo costume – Star Wars: A New Hope

Han Solo A New Hope costume

Sure, the Jedi are cool and they can use the force and lightsabers and all that. But they are not the coolest character of the galaxy. One of the most popular characters the Star Wars franchise has ever had is not a Jedi, he can’t use the force and doesn’t even have a lightsaber. We’re talking, of course, of Han Solo.

Imagine a pirate combined with a cowboy, now add the ability to pilot a space sheep at the speed of light and then you’ll get Han Solo. This space bounty hunter is one of the coolies characters space has ever seen, and as such, it gets a lot of attention from the fans. This costume is everything you’d expect and want to become the space pirate we all know and love


  • Excellent materials
  • High attention to detail
  • Great color recreation
  • Fits perfectly
  • Even though the boots, holster and blaster are not included, he seller also has them available for you, but sold separately

3. Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey costume

This one’s especially for the fans of the newer movies. Of course, now the Jedi Order is disbanded, but Rey is the closest one to being a Jedi we have right now after well, spoilers happened. Rey is a ridiculously strong character with great control of the force and the lightsaber. And well, she’s also a descendant of the Skywalker family, so it’s to be expected that her use of the force is strong

This is also a great way for women and girls to be able to dress up as a famous Jedi from the movies. of course, there are some other female characters in the movies, but probably the most famous are Leia and Rey, but since Rey is currently more popular here we have this amazing costume. It’s fairly inexpensive, yet it is nicely detailed,


  • Looks pretty similar to the costume Rey has in the movies
  • Perfect for your Jedi training
  • Nice materials
  • Excellent attention to details

4. Rubie’s Adult Star Wars Supreme Edition Darth Vader Costume

You didn’t really think there could be a list of the top Star Wars costumes without including what could be the most popular of them all right? Darth Vader is the symbol of villains in movies. Even though he does kinda get a redemption at the end, he’s still the very embodiment of what villains look like.

The dark cape, the mechanized breathing, the deep voice and overall intimidating look of Darth Vader is just the thing you need to harness the power of the dark side of the Force. Excellent quality casted from the original movie prop molds will ensure you get a great replica of the real deal


  • High quality materials and design
  • Very detailed
  • Amazing feel
  • Looks just like the one in the movies
  • A lot of different parts included

5. Rubie’s Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume

We could not leave all the Star Wars costume fun to the humans. After all, there are dozens of Jedi seen in the movie that are not “human” at all. So, why not share some of that fun with your little pal. This costume is excellent for your dog to have a taste of all the Star Wars dog costume fun


  • Nice quality design
  • Resistant materials
  • Comfortable on your dog
  • It’s incredibly cute

6. Rubie’s Women’s Star Wars Classic Deluxe Princess Leia Costume

There is absolutely no doubt that this has been one of the most popular costumes to ever come out of the Star Wars franchise. Probably as popular as Dart Vader’s, Leia’s classic looks and design is also one of the most seen Star Wars costume in other media. A lot of shows, comics and even other movies have had reference to this costume for Halloween throughout the years, and the best part is hat it is actually pretty simple.

Rubie’s costumes are really cool in that they like to include some accessories and those little details that make your life a little bit easier when getting your costume ready, whether it is for Halloween or for a convention. Even though this design of Leia’s costume already has been around for quite a lot of years, it is still as popular as the release year of the first Star Wars movie


  • It includes the hooded dress, the belt and the wig
  • It looks just like the one in the movie
  • Even though the white boots are not included, they are pretty simple to substitute and not really a necessary part of the costume unless you’re trying to go pro
  • The wig looks a lot like the very peculiar hairstyle Princess Leia had in that movie
  • Comfortable and easy to keep nice and clean

7. Star Wars Kylo Ren Cosplay Costume

Sure, this one may still not be as popular as the good ol’ Darth Vader, but hey, it is still the main villain in some of the most box office succesful movies in history. The newer main trilogy of Star Wars films have received somewhat great reviews and nice results,even though the latest one got mixed reviews it was still a box office success.

Kylo Ren is pretty much the new Darth Vader, and its costume may just be one of the coolest aspects of the new star Star Wars movies. It’s a great villain and with this costume, you’ll be able to feel the power of the dark side of the Force. One of the coolest thing about a Kylo Ren costume is that you don’t need a wig, make up or even having to worry about looking like the character, that is, of course, as long as you keep the mask on


  • Excellent materials
  • The design and details are totally spot on
  • Includes the underclothing, coat, scarf, belt, gloves and mask, so you’ll have everything you need there included for a nice price
  • You can also get his characteristic lightsaber on the same page here. And here’s also another option for you
  • And you can even find the perfect boots that match here

8. Star Wars Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus Cosplay Costume

When you have a franchise as big as Star Wars, you’ll find that you’ll have to juggle with a lot of characters when it comes to potential Star Wars costumes. Even though a lot of them are some of the coolest heroes we’ve seen, we also have some of the most amazing villains in sci-fi.

Even though this one did not appear more than a few minutes of the main movies, he was the villain of one of the best animated series and a lot of the extended universe of Star Wars. Count Dooku, AKA Darth Tyranus, was one of the mos stylish villains the saga has ever seen. He was pretty much the Dracula of the Star Wars universe, therefore it makes a lot of sense for the legendary actor Cristopher Lee to be playing that role.


  • Perfect fit for you
  • It comes with the suit and cape, and even the shoe cover
  • Excellent materials
  • You get the best of both worlds, a cool vampire and a Sith Lord

9. Star Wars Stormtroopers Cosplay Costume

They don’t have a name, most of them don’t even have face, they are just soldiers, and they are some of the most popular characters to cosplay. The designs of these characters have changed actually a lot over the years, however they do keep the same basics. But since there is a new Star Wars movie coming up later this year it’s the best time to use the new design

This is the style of the First Order, and as you already know, Finn, one of the main characters of the new series used to be a Stormtrooper too, so you can alter your costume a little or may be even take your mask off to change the character. This costume is an excellent choice for any Star Wars fan


  • This costume includes everything you need for this. That means The Top, Pant, Gloves, Helmet, Pauldrons, Arm guards, Breastplate, Hand guards, Leg guards, Shoes.
  • Even though it may be a little pricey, it’s worth every single penny
  • Nice materials and attention to detail
  • It is actually comfortable to wear
  • Looks and feels amazing
  • Perfect for a group of Star Wars costumes with your friends

10. BB-8 Inflatable Star Wars Costume

Alright, so, this may not be the most professional Star Wars costume you might find out there. in fact, it is mostly to have some fun, but it is still amazing. Inflatable costumes have been very popular in the past few years. They are very popular, maybe thanks to how simple it is to wear them and get them ready every time

It’s excellent to have a fun Star Wars costume just in time for this Halloween. Since the Star Wars robots have always been some of the fan-favlorite characters and BB-8 is definitely no exception. With this amazing costume you’re just one step away from becoming the little ball bot we all know and love


  • The printed design is accurate to the design of the movie
  • When you think about getting a costume of a ball-shaped robot it may sound really hard and uncomfortable. But with an inflatable costume like this, you can have a lot of fun and look cool
  • Nice materials
  • Looks even better than the main picture of the product, just check the fan pictures

May the Force be with you

One of the best things about wearing a Star Wars costume is that there’s just such a big community to share your fun with. Whether it’s a convention, a costume party or maybe even just Halloween. If there are people wearing costumes, you can rest assure that there will be more than one Star Wars costume in there. So, go out there and have fun using the force with these costumes we’ve found for you!

How to Make Awesome DIY Star Wars Costumes

The world was introduced to an adopted farm boy, who unknowingly sheltered a couple of shiny chrome-laden robots, in the middle of the desert, from the clutches of the evil empire and its mysterious cloaked overlord.

As much as that “generic” plot description doesn’t do the epic space opera any justice, it is nigh impossible to not recognize any of the famous faces, spaceships and creatures from the now 40 year old Hollywood franchise which as of late 2019, will span 11 feature length movies. And with an all expansive empire of its own; dedicated video games, television series, toys and even music videos, the Star Wars universe certainly deserves its place among the best of the best when it comes to the hypothetical pop culture fall of fame; and yet, many fail to realize that its origins were very blue collar and improvised, especially when it comes to its costumes and uniforms. From the hilt of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber being pieced together out of an old Graflex flash gun, to his flight helmet being molded out of the shape of a Vietnam-era US APH-6B Pilot helmet.

And with the spirit of Halloween looming nearer, the time for well crafted costumes donned by passionate cosplayers of varying experience draws nigh; and whether or not you are a self-ordained Jedi Master of costume design, or merely a humble padawan learner, building a costume on the fly is far easier than it may seem. Lets do Star Wars, DIY style!

DIY Stormtrooper Foam Armor

Whilst these costume suggestions can be crafted by anyone and everyone, there are methods and tools available to help create some truly spectacular costumes that would otherwise prove too much of a challenge otherwise. Note that these require plenty of time, practice and effort, notwitholding a bigger budget.

Foamcraft is the medium of folding and molding foam designs out of paper templates. This technique is capable of creating realistic pieces, which, when built to a good standard, will improve your costumes to no end!

In this case, foamcraft templates can be used effectively to create the most complex of characters; stormtroopers, droids, even Mandalorian Commandos! These creations can be comprised out of:

  • EVA foam sheets
  • Hot glue gun/contact cement
  • Heat gun, or high powered blow dryer
  • Specialized foam scissors

These templates from Etsy are fantastic examples of the potential of foamcraft! Fine examples of Stormtrooper/Shoretrooper armour templates can be found from Etsy. – NB: You only buy the paper templates ready for yourself to fold and apply the foam, this is DIY after all!

Stormtrooper Armour template

Stormtrooper Helmet template

Scarif Shoretrooper Armour template

Scarif Shoretrooper Helmet template

DIY Jedi Knight Costume – Guardians of Peace.

The quintessential image of a Jedi Knight/Master is usually that of a skinny monk wrapped in a tight, light tunic, draped in a long, baggy brown gown and hood, wielding a shiny hilt either in their hands, or dangling off their batman-esque utility belt.

Now, as much as that rings true for most, the variations and diversity of costumes that have come out of the Jedi Temple certainly fits any shape, size or gender, and even with the tightest of budgets, anyone can don the gown, either on the battlefield or in the council chambers…

https://www.liveabout.com/ways-to-make-jedi-robes-from-simple-robes-to-movie-accurate-1106057 – Liveabout’s article on DIY robes provide great insight into budget costume wear!

Elegant robes fit for both Jedi or Sith.
DIY Lightsaber kit, certainly one for the mantelpiece!
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REDUCED-TO-CLEAR-Arizona-Faux-Leather-Zip-Riding-Boots-Black-Brown-Size-3-4/312543883489?var=611251226700&hash=item48c51130e1:g:CZIAAOSwpOVcmkZ8 – Brown leather riding boots; to walk in, ride in, fight in…
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/605635590/jedi-robe-set-star-wars-inspired-costume?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=sith+robe&ref=sr_gallery-1-14&organic_search_click=1&frs=1 – An unconventional colour palette, but otherwise typical style.
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/668995798/comlink-star-wars-stl-files-for-3d?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=starwars+comlink&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&organic_search_click=1 – The Comlink; the mobile phone of the SW universe. Jedi used them often and as frequently as everyone else.

DIY Sith Costume – Unstoppable Forces of Darkness.

For every brave warrior monk, there has to be an opponent right? And for the Jedi, nothing comes close to a Sith; advocates of the Dark Side, the true lords of evil.

Usually all clad in jet black from head to tail, the Sith just LOVE their dark leathers, maybe more than the Jedi do. Often more simpler in design, but obviously more menacing in nature, the Sith tend to opt for shorter, tattered capes and hoods; sometimes swapping the tunics for more fitted, uniform garbs – The Sith are not monks, they are assassins and lords.

https://holidappy.com/costumes/How-to-Dress-as-a-Sith-for-Cheap – Holidappy provides another great guide on creating the perfect Sith costume.

https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/729962724/darth-nihilus-leather-belt-star-wars?plkey=c1307e05107a5ff2e3a21560d690e850f40dd75a%3A729962724&frs=1 – Darth Nihilus, the most sadistic Sith (to date). Tattered & clearly not one for vanity.
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/503425277/sith-acolyte-full-helmet-cold-cast?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=sith&ref=sr_gallery-1-15&organic_search_click=1&cns=1 – A lot of infamous Sith Lords tended to wear terrifying war masks/helmets. Creativity is key here; the more eccentric, the better!
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/717017899/plain-black-mens-gauntlet-no-darts?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=black+leather+gauntlets&ref=sr_gallery-1-2&organic_search_click=1&frs=1 – Protect your fighting fists with black leather gloves; hide your wounds from your enemies!

DIY Rebel Pilot – You know who blew up the Death Star?

Freedom fighters of the Alliance Starfighter corps. These heroic figures became instant favourites right after their Pyrrhic victory against the Death Star all the way back in 1977.

The archetypal orange jumpsuit and white helmet combo may be classics, but the bold colours may not suit everyone. It comes as a relief now that the jumpsuit has since evolved with the times, adopting wildly different colours, often denoting different squadrons/vehicles; such as blue, green or even red. And the less said about the endless combinations of design and pattern that can be added to the helmets, the better!

https://www.instructables.com/id/Star-Wars-Rebel-Pilots-Helmet-Build/ – Another fine instructables tutorial on building your own Rebel helmet!

https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/608383919/x-wing-pilot-helmet?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=rebel+pilot+helmet&ref=sr_gallery-1-3&organic_search_click=1 – Rebel Pilot helmet, ready for construction and painting!
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/43947870/luke-skywalker-star-wars-hoth-rebel?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=rebel+pilot&ref=sr_gallery-1-35&organic_search_click=1 – Rebel Pilot orange jumpsuit jacket – All Wings report in!
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/620650815/rebel-pilot-chest-box-kit?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=rebel+pilot&ref=sr_gallery-1-3&organic_search_click=1&cns=1 – ETSY handmade Rebel Pilot life support chest piece.
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Heavy-Duty-Wood-Burner-932-F-Welding-Gloves-Heat-Resistant-Leather-Stoves-Fire/312791001254?var=611519875762&hash=item48d3cbe8a6:g:UsMAAOSwed9dlcku – Grey welding gloves, to handle the heat of aerial combat!
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/80s-Gun-Aviator-Costume-Top-Shot-Pilot-Flying-Uniform-80s-Mens-Fancy-Dress-1980s/202772830603?hash=item2f3633d98b:m:mviJbWk4xAtujWQU3QaDHKw – Not orange, but an appropriate alternative none the less! maybe without the glasses though…

KYLO REN Costume – Intergalactic Man of Mystery.

Very much a Sith Lord on the outside, but something wholly different within: Kylo Ren certainly made an impression on fans since his rather intense debut in The Force Awakens, with his unstable scarlet broad-saber, and his imposing voice-changing helmet very reminiscent of the head honcho himself, Darth Vader.

Opting for a layered uniform, hood over helmet, with a black half cape falling just below his shoulders, shredded and hardly practical, Kylo’s costume is easily replicated, as long as you can manage the ego behind the helmet…

https://www.instructables.com/id/Kylo-Ren-costume/ – Instructables has an awesome kid’s design for a homemade Kylo costume.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kylo-Ren-2-Piece-Helmet-Mask-Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens-Halloween-Accessory/253710712313?hash=item3b12563df9:g:CAkAAOSw~7ZbMhLF – Kylo Ren Episode 7 helmet Halloween prop
Kylo Ren black checkered tunic fabric sheets – costume sold separately!
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/398462259/kylo-ren-tri-lightsaber-3d-printed-full?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=kylo+ren+lightsaber&ref=sr_gallery-1-20&organic_search_click=1&pro=1 – Kylo Ren 1:1 replica PROP Lightsaber – not a toy!
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAR-WARS-KYLO-REN-FORCE-FX-LIGHTSABER-BLACK-SERIES-BRAND-NEW-UK-POST-ONLY/152279648659?epid=1942001868&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2374930993:g:JGMAAOSwmLlYANDi&enc=AQAEAAACQBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qUE3vfEshWa6DzizwgM8UbIyBBczN6FHc%2BrawqWa0WjhmrvYyUyfnV8ne2ACdFRkMoiAA922PvQnC%2BSBb10fwFW7bxG2HGhvRxnyPI%2B0sR%2FFMPD4JoV6ychNOdNLYKIzeGe9g8R9C%2FM4Xvej13pbKeVa6trTk4C70cI20DjV%2F6bMa8RoXp2WdpBCCWvMQFhYMiJ%2FrnAOQYoRnhMwj9dcAp9LIaUQE1o87zvhtMr83MzgUtCt9l2%2B4ZxTzex3XWZEq4ZKYBFJ%2ByixzQzxsKwjsLvQHi%2FLEhjthtoHoWqjG70OFpOnRrcU6WaTDyDVO0SaFq0XoYG2KUxomUtV6p5fvXoB4iyQnoj45fP4%2BwBoTHnSCOv3sTbaM%2BH5%2BeI5xN7F1krV1%2FAVByho%2BNDvM7HoXeltriKtDaII%2BtJdD0PV6HQ9ksZQAxNqhvrciIFhnBrTduOpEyxRVuFty5D%2B9CA351x6X%2F%2BQqvh1%2BtgqMSPLLBXSpnxW1LkQzDm%2F2EJSj2iE%2FmALZvVXo2ffLjoCCdwlfb%2FiVGTmnd0WNoB1Ui%2BSBk04Dg3yNRJZJsUeyU8bAM7kRABi6CdVbdFWJPGcHmJXS3tOQKRi4UT4Kf8FQ5Xt%2Fyd6TDpLxhIUD%2Fr4oiciUs%2FPOo7eDonCbXDqSNL7OUxON6%2BqRF2zPKKKtYHs5McCPgWIpjifYO6RoD5fUq9bL8oL8iZPUbg3y1PRBfO0Ht4%2BNoc5%2FrOOd5x8%2B71uXMAOakyIQ%3D%3D&checksum=1522796486590ec3c3e0fd274be7847191fc5f290313&enc=AQAEAAACQBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qUE3vfEshWa6DzizwgM8UbIyBBczN6FHc%2BrawqWa0WjhmrvYyUyfnV8ne2ACdFRkMoiAA922PvQnC%2BSBb10fwFW7bxG2HGhvRxnyPI%2B0sR%2FFMPD4JoV6ychNOdNLYKIzeGe9g8R9C%2FM4Xvej13pbKeVa6trTk4C70cI20DjV%2F6bMa8RoXp2WdpBCCWvMQFhYMiJ%2FrnAOQYoRnhMwj9dcAp9LIaUQE1o87zvhtMr83MzgUtCt9l2%2B4ZxTzex3XWZEq4ZKYBFJ%2ByixzQzxsKwjsLvQHi%2FLEhjthtoHoWqjG70OFpOnRrcU6WaTDyDVO0SaFq0XoYG2KUxomUtV6p5fvXoB4iyQnoj45fP4%2BwBoTHnSCOv3sTbaM%2BH5%2BeI5xN7F1krV1%2FAVByho%2BNDvM7HoXeltriKtDaII%2BtJdD0PV6HQ9ksZQAxNqhvrciIFhnBrTduOpEyxRVuFty5D%2B9CA351x6X%2F%2BQqvh1%2BtgqMSPLLBXSpnxW1LkQzDm%2F2EJSj2iE%2FmALZvVXo2ffLjoCCdwlfb%2FiVGTmnd0WNoB1Ui%2BSBk04Dg3yNRJZJsUeyU8bAM7kRABi6CdVbdFWJPGcHmJXS3tOQKRi4UT4Kf8FQ5Xt%2Fyd6TDpLxhIUD%2Fr4oiciUs%2FPOo7eDonCbXDqSNL7OUxON6%2BqRF2zPKKKtYHs5McCPgWIpjifYO6RoD5fUq9bL8oL8iZPUbg3y1PRBfO0Ht4%2BNoc5%2FrOOd5x8%2B71uXMAOakyIQ%3D%3D&checksum=1522796486590ec3c3e0fd274be7847191fc5f290313 – Kylo Ren Force FX Lightsaber – one for the collectors!
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/277190574/pure-100-linen-fabric-gloria-black?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=black+linen&ref=sc_gallery-1-1&plkey=959a5899a2b069a191029cd6c4f0558cf47417d8%3A277190574 – Black Linen for the cape, hood etc.
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/468592334/star-wars-last-jedi-sith-black-tunic?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=black+hood+robe&ref=sr_gallery-1-9&organic_search_click=1&col=1 – Kylo Ren black cape – fit for all denizens of evil really!

DIY Rey Costume – The Scavenger from Jakku.

The mysterious girl with all the power, Rey has made a big impact on the franchise since we first saw her scaling the fallen star destroyer.

First seen initially draped in a white interlaced tunic of muslin, underneath a light crop top, this desert look very much imitates the likes of Luke Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi. This explorer’s type garb further changed when The Last Jedi introduced the colder, temperate climate of Atch-To, which brought along the layered fabric & darker tones, replacing the wrapped muslin type material from before.

Holidappy provides a truly indepth how-to on the basis of recreating a Jakku Rey costume!


https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/705057685/motorcycle-glasses-steampunk-goggles?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=motorcycle+goggles&ref=sr_gallery-1-9&organic_search_click=1&frs=1 – While Rey certainly wasn’t a biker, these steampunk goggles would work well in imitation, not recreation.

IMPERIAL OFFICER – Do YOU have what it takes?

The cynical, career climbing officers of the Imperial Navy present themselves in their flush, space grey tunics with gusto. Commanding Star Destroyers in style, these uniforms impose authority whilst distancing themselves from other military units from the Empire.

Other variants include black uniforms for sub-officers, and armoured add-ons meant for field officers. Only the most loyal subordinates of the Emperor can command his legions, are you just what the Imperials are looking for?

A great technique from Ehow explains a great budget detail on creating a decent DIY Imperial Officer costume – https://www.ehow.com/how_5412262_make-wars-imperial-officer-costume.html


In Summary…

Crafting a genuine, authentic looking DIY Star Wars costume is hardly the challenge, accept when you want the best results of course! As much as it counts with trying to make things as close to the original as possible, the most important detail that comes with costume creation is improvisation – to stand out from the rest, is best. We hope this guide has been helpful, and as always, May the Force Be With You.