Top Stranger Things Costumes

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Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty hard to pick the top Stranger Things costumes around, and the reason is very simple. Even with all the strange things that happen in the show, the main idea is that this happened in our normal world. This means that in the small town of Hawkins, people would just wear what people would normally wear

The world famous science fiction “horror” web show was created by the Duffer Brothers to be released exclusively on Netflix. The show premiered in 2016, and it’s set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in November 1983. Through the three seasons of the show we’ve seen many weird things, other dimensions, telekinetic powers, disappearances, evil monster possessions, conspiracies and much more

It has received countless awards and an overwhelming audience reception. The show really did bring the 80’s back. Amazing cast, great story and special effect are just one part of this show, but the effect it’s had in popular culture will stay for a long time.

All of this being said, they do still wear some “normal” 80’s clothes, but of course, there are some characteristic costumes in the show, and those are the one we are going to be covering here on our top Stranger Things costumes list

1. Eleven’s Dress

Eleven stranger things costume

As we all already know, Eleven is one of the main characters of Stranger Things. She’s this super cool telekinetic girl that’s, in the end, just another one of the kids in the group. Of course that our freshest memory of her is being in a relationship with Mike and already much more “normal”. But let us not forget how she started

Throughout most of the first season Eleven wore this odd combination of a pink dress with high socks and a jacket. The look of it quickly became really popular, it’s not a look you’d easily forget. This is pretty much the best choice you have to recreate the costume Eleven wore for so long


  • High quality hand sewn
  • Excellent texture and feel
  • Looks just like the one from the show
  • Even though it’s fairly simple, it’s incredibly well made
  • It has been featured in .Ellen and on Modern Family

2. Eleven Season 3 Costume

Eleven season 3 costume

Since the list started off with the first popular eleven style, it-s adequate that the follow up would be the current most popular. Eleven has been going through a lot of changes in the three seasons of the show. Trying to get along the normal teens of her age could be, however, one of the biggest challenges she-s faced so far

This outfit is especially iconic since it’s the first clothing style she actually decided for herself. Even though it looks as if it’s made of the same fabric as those bus seat covers, these kind of designs were actually a little bit popular back in the day. I’ts not that bad for being her first choice and this costume is exactly like the one she wears


  • Really looks as if it comes straight from the 80’s
  • Retro-yet-modern look
  • Comfortable to wear even as your daily clothing
  • It’s very easy to take care of

3. Rubie’s Deluxe Men Stranger Things Demogorgon Costume

Demogorgon Stranger Things Costume

The feared Demogorgon is probably one of the most popular monsters in modern television. Its simple yet cool design really helps for this. When you’re watching the show, especially the first season, you really get the feel to be watching something from the 80’s. One of the main reasons for this is the way they handle especial effects

Even with how awesome the 80’s movies were, their VFX really were very basic compared to what we have now. The fact that the Demogorgon could just be a guy in a costume really gives it extra points. This costume goes especially for those with a short budget in mind but really want to stand out this Halloween or in a convention


  • Overall good looking
  • Nice attention to details
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Great for a budget
  • It includes the whole set for your costume

4. DALIX Two Tone Trucker Hat Summer Mesh Cap

As we mentioned before, it is kinda tricky finding a Stranger Things costume since they pretty much wear normal clothing. But there are some key elements of clothing that have become emblematic in the show

Dustin is n=one of the most beloved characters of the show, and his cap is one of the most characteristic things he wears. Since you can pretty much dress normally and get a crazy haircut, this hat is almost like a costume by itself


  • It’s not actually made as a costume so it does not have any Stranger Things logo on it. This makes it a lot more realistic
  • It’s still a nice cap even if you’re not dressed as Dustin
  • Comfortable, fresh and useful

Extra: Scoops Ahoy Costume

Scoops Ahoy costume

Even though these were already featured on my top Halloween costumes for 2019 list, it’s still worth mentioning them again here. The season 3 of the show is already over, but it left us pretty much the most emblematic outfit-piece from the whole series: The Scoops Ahoy uniform

Steve and Robin work on this ice cream place inside the Starcourt Mall called Scoops Ahoy. This funny outfit sure does look great for a costume, and it will definitely be a popular one this Halloween season too!


  • Very Recognizable
  • Perfect for every costume-needs occasion
  • Fresh and comfortable
  • Great for the price

Into the upside-down

Stranger Things has been an amazing adventure so far, with its ups and downs of course. The show quickly got to be the favorite of many and it will probably stay that way for quite some time. One thing is for certain though, it will really b popular in Halloween for a long time. After all, it’s not everyday that we get such a crazy sci-fi “horror” show.