What Does This Designer Pendant Look Like?

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Designer jewellers Theo Fennell have unveiled a new design via Facebook that didn’t quite go down as expected.

“This pendant was designed by Lukas Grewenig as part of our Gilded Youth initiative,” said the ad. “The design is inspired by the way a goldsmith assesses a stone by placing it between their index and middle finger. The piece is on display in the store this week.“

Sponsored Facebook posts often inspire a little bit of rebellion. Anyone who found themselves making a double-take of the post in their newsfeed found some rather ingenious comments.

One respondent, who consequently received 2000 reactions, said: “Man; excuse me where can I find the Vulva and clitoris pendant.
Saleswomen; it’s in that case over there.
Man; right here?
Saleswomen; no to the left
Man; this one?
Saleswoman; no down one row
Man; I can’t find it
Saleswomen; ugh I’ll show you, it’s right here!
Man; here?
Saleswomen; NO! Right here I said.”

Another posted: “This ring, designed by Hugh G. Rection, also as part of our Gilded Youth initiative… The design is inspired by the way a baby’s arm holds an apple. Get one of these in your fingers today!”

“I’m genuinely curious how yall went thru the entire process of making a pussy necklace with a big ol sparkly clit, and managed not to notice until the internet pointed it out,“ said another.

Frankly it seems unlikely that this design was an accident and so we are left to wonder whether it was artist or marketer who came up with such a powerful stunt which has combined both cliches “any publicity is good publicity” and “sex sells.”

Art fans will no doubt be reminded of the powerfully subversive works of the Aesthetic Movement illustrator Aubrey Beardsley who frequently disguised genitalia as such forms as candlesticks.

Aubrey Beardsley “Enter Herodias” illustration for Oscar Wilde’s Salome.