What’s Happened to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics?

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Jo-Ann Fabrics is now just “Joann” as a new shake up has looked to technology to expand and innovate on crafts for hobbyists and entrepreneurs alike.

The 75-year-old US craft retailer has introduced Joann+ to offer opportunities for businesses, organizations and crafty entrepreneurs with volume pricing, dedicated customer service, flexible payment options, direct shipping and more. This essentially works as a rewards program you can apply for here.

Bulk Ordering and Shipping

“Our customers have been making to sell, donate and give at scale since the first Joann store opened in 1943,” said Steve Miller, SVP of Marketing and eCommerce at Joann. “This year, we’ve launched Joann+ to better serve their unique needs by offering bulk ordering and shipping options, dedicated customer service and sales teams, rebates and financing plans, industry-leading pricing, and more. We’re confident Joann+ will help organizations, businesses and individual sellers to keep creativity flowing smoothly and even more affordably.”

”The Joann+ program shows this is a retailer that’s committed to finding new ways to satisfy customers like us, who need a dependable, convenient source of craft materials to run our business,” said one business owner. “For us, Joann+ is a win-win.”

Doubling Supplies to Non-Profits

Non-profits will also benefit from the program like Project Linus who coordinate kind craftspeople in sending handmade items to children who are seriously ill or in need.

“Our coordinators are raving about the great prices and time saved by having orders delivered right to them,” said Patty Gregory, national president of Project Linus. “Joann+ will stretch how we can use our donation money, and enable us to purchase two or three times the amount of supplies. We will be able to make many more blankets for children in need of a hug; this changes everything for us.

So why drop “fabrics”? Steve Miller, senior vice president of marketing and ecommerce at Joann Stores, told Adweek that the motive was to focus on the broader array of products available at Joann.

“We have a big opportunity to let people know that ‘Hey, we sell everything that the other craft stores sell,’” he said.  “We’re not just the place you come the day before Halloween to get your costume fabric, or to get the fabric by the yard for a toga,” said Miller. “We’re a place for anything you make with your hands. We want people to know that if you want to paint, or make cookies, or knit, Joann is the place for you.”