Wonder Woman Costume: November, 2022 Shopping Guide

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Wearing a Wonder Woman costume is, in many ways, one of the most empowering costumes you can choose. For many years, this character has been a symbol of female strength and justice.

Since her debut all the way back in December of 1941, she has been the most famous super heroine in the world. Created by the psychologist William Moulton and the comic artist Harry G. Peter. And through the years she’s seen adaptations in any and all kinds of media you can think of

There’s not a place the Wonder Woman hasn’t been. Every generation has seen a new and different version of her, adapting to move on with the times. During World War I, she fought many fight alongside Allied military forces as well as with more colorful enemies. But her looks and enemies are not the only thing that has changed with time. Even her origin stories has been recounted many times already.

The character is without a doubt not only DC Comics most famous female character, but it is also the most famous female character in the whole comic industry. She now has been adapted to TV shows, movies, animated series, toys, video games and anything you can think of

We’ve seen the impact she’s had on society, so it’s easy to understand why cosplaying Wonder Woman is a big deal. So, to save you some time and help you choose among the many options around. Here we bring you now the best Wonder Woman costumes around in one small list

1. Wonder Woman movie cosplay costume

Wonder Woman movie costume

When you’re choosing which costume to wear to represent the Wonder Woman, there are a lot of thing to consider. However, you should really just go for the one you like the best. For the current generation of fans, probably the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman costume will be the way to go.

The high quality of this costume is amazing in every way. It’s not only about the premium materials but also about the professional manual work involved in the making of this. The body is made with eva foam to make it really smooth while also avoiding any wrinkle.

Thanks to the boned corset it won’t lose its shape. There are so many things to say about this amazing cosplay that we could make a whole list just about that. But you can check it out for yourself!


  • The best quality materials
  • You can see how much time and effort is put into every part of the costume
  • It is based directly on the movie’s look
  • The seller allows for different packages so that you can order any individual part you want separately
  • Unlike many wonder woman costumes, it does include the foot and leg armor

2. Wonder Suit Cosplay Costume – Lynda Carter style

Classic tv show wonder woman costume

We usually praise Gal Gadot’s excellent interpretation of the Wonder Woman and it’s easily one of the best representations of the character. However, we cannot forget who played the very first live action version of the character. Back in the 70’s the world saw Wonder Woman in real life for the first time ever

Lynda Carter played the role in the television show, and then became an icon for strong female characters. This is a more traditional rendition to the original character. While this costume is from the second season of the show, it is just like the real deal. The high quality and excellent finish will make it look as if you have the prop from the classic show


  • Closer to the original
  • Very conservative look and design
  • You can choose to buy a pre-made size or a handmade version for your very own measurements
  • The best choice for fans of the traditional looking

3. DC Wonder Woman 1984 Diana Prince Cosplay Costume

1984-s design

We already know that the current look of Wonder Woman has been nicely redesigned, but still the are new changes for the upcoming movie Wonder Woman 1984. One of the first changes is this huge bad-ass cloak.

This Gal Gadot Wonder Woman costume is sure to remain a popular option for many years with the rise of the Wonder Woman franchise. Do keep in mind that this Gal Gadot Wonder Woman costume does not include the leg-armor


  • This costume is very detailed and comfortable
  • It retains the shape and design
  • Very durable and nice looking
  • The cloak is a very unique special feature

4. Rubie’s Costume Co. Wonder Woman Costume

Pinup wonder woman design

Remember how we’ve mentioned that the original Wonder Woman design was based in THE pinup girl? Well this costume is an excellent tribute to that. The pinup-like look it has makes it one beautiful and very different costume. While the first three costumes in this list are meant for more dedicated cosplayers, this is an excellent costume to bring the classic style back with beautiful and modern details.

It is also very budget-friendly, but the quality and design makes it look like it’s much more expensive. It is a great choice for starters and fans of the character that don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars on their cosplays


  • The pinup design is both classic and stylish
  • You’ll really stand up
  • The dress is made with very comfortable polyester
  • Excellent for Halloween and costume parties too

5. DC Comics Wonder Woman Hoodie

There are many other designs you can choose from of the Wonder Woman costume. But due to the fame and importance of the character we thought it would be nice to include an option to take the character with you at all times wherever you go.

As you know, one of the best ways to do that is, of course, with a lovely hoodie like this one! Hoodies are just great for most occasions and they always look nice


  • The design and print looks beautiful
  • Bright and nice colors
  • Hoodies are always comfortable
  • Hoodies go great in every -almost- every occasion!

That’s it for now

This character is one of the most influential of the comics universe. It has been a symbol of feminism for many years after all. It would only make sense that DC Comics most popular warrior princess was chosen as a flag for the women empowerment movement. There are many conventions coming up and the new movie is right at the corner, so what are you waiting for? go and get your own Wonder Woman costume now!