5 Reasons Why Wix Is the Easy Website Builder For You

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Don’t think you have the skills to build a website? You’re not alone. Of 2000 people surveyed eager to start a website, half didn’t believe they had the skills. Fortunately thanks to Wix the process of building a website yourself couldn’t be simpler whatever your ability.

  1. Drag and Drop

Even for the reasonably tech-savvy, the idea of dealing with widgets and sidebars is daunting. With Wix getting your layout right is easy thanks to its flagship visual drag and drop system – just like arranging cards so your homepage looks professional and attractive.

Just choose from a selection of 510 templates to suit your brand and get started. This is one reason why Website Builder Expert gives Wix an ease of use score of 5/5 on this website builder comparison chart.

  1. Apps

If you need specific features for your site from e-commerce extensions to social media features then Wix has them. These simply bolt onto your site like Lego blocks that provide extra capabilities. Most are either free or offer premium upgrades on top of a free version.

The app market let’s you easily choose from thousands of extensions like events calendars, maps and customer testimonials. Specialist apps by third-party developers can be securely downloaded from the approved marketplace.

  1. Popularity

Since its launch in 2006 Wix has powered 109 million websites. That is compared to just 40 million on Weebly and 1 million on Squarespace. Why does that matter? That is a huge number of individual customers with their own requirements. Plus, the number of new customers is growing fast since Wix is one of the best small business site builders on the market.

Those apps from the marketplace get downloaded thousands of times. That means updates and bugs are dealt with fast while Wix keeps ahead of the game to satisfy so many customers as technology progresses and changes.

They even use an Artificial Intelligence Design system to create the best-looking website for you automatically.

  1. Price

The basic Wix setup is free but they have a variety of pricing plans for extra features. If you sign up for an annual plan rather than monthly you can save 18% to 36%. When you’re ready to upgrade you can get your own domain name that removes Wix from the URL and their banner ads from your site.

You can see a more detailed breakdown of pricing plans on their website as well as guidance as to who would suit each one. While it is difficult to perfectly compare pricing plans of different website builders due to different features, we generally place Wix as the cheapest monthly rate in our chart by a considerable margin.

  1. Quick Start

If you need a website to promote what you do then you don’t want to waste time when running a business. With no upfront costs and no code knowledge necessary you can get started in no time.

Website Builder Expert surveyed 2000 people who had started a website themselves on a variety of platforms and a quarter took less than a week to launch. A further half were up and running in just one week. With Wix’s easy tools you could be on the web in just a few hours so you can stop comparing and get started right away.