How To Buy Vintage Engagement Rings

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Getting engaged is great. You have all the joy and romance of giving or receiving beautiful vintage engagement rings without the pressure of the actual wedding.

You can get engaged whenever you want – planned or spontaneously and as a surprise or a long-anticipated event. Plus you can still have a big party without having to invite all your family and in-laws.

The engagement ring forms a powerful physical symbol of your engagement. As a precursor to the wedding ring it signifies all the romance and devotion but with the extra power of it being traditionally a request as (again traditionally) the groom-to-be passionately proposes to his partner with an extravagant diamond ring. Unlike the wedding band which is traditionally plain gold.

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Choose Your Materials And Budget

Newshe Jewelry

Silver and gold are the classics here but then comes many choices of stone and settings. Do you want to go for a classic vintage diamond engagement ring or go for something more colourful like Emerald? These will have a big impact on the price.

If you’re not keen on overspending, Newshe Jewelry offers this fantastic sterling silver engagement ring. There’s no denying this is a cheap ring – but perfect if you want a temporary placeholder.

Original or Reproduction

Vintage style diamond engagement ring by Diamondere

When buying an antique engagement ring you are lost in a world of antique jewelry. Prices vary dramatically. Repairs can be difficult. Often each one you find will be the only one for miles around – maybe in the world.

You are also restricted on design choices, unless you then have an antique ring modified by a jeweler. These are factors that make this all the more special and stressful.

A reproduction on the other hand gives you some modern comforts like there being plenty of others, finding the right size the first time and choosing stones and materials. These can take away some of the antique vintage mystique but may prove better depending on how you feel. As many engagement rings are made with a vintage look anyway it’s always worth checking Zales engagement rings.

When searching on Etsy, one of the best places to find vintage engagement rings, be sure to check whether you want “handmade” (replica) or “vintage” (original) in the left column as many sellers will list their own creations as vintage refering to their visual style.

Consider Your Style

1950s engagement ring – AllenGleur

Many people like vintage engagement rings because they seem timeless and traditional. On the other hand, each one represents an era – whether that’s Victorian or Art Deco. Ultimately this is a personal choice and you should go for a style that’s close to your heart.

How To Find Your Ring Size

This is a classic problem for anyone planning a proposal – how to find your fiancee’s ring size without them knowing. If they already wear a lot of rings then this is much easier as you can simply find one that fits their ring finger and measure it – either at a jewelers or using a mandril that you can buy here.

Another classic trick is to carefully tie a piece of string around the finger when they are asleep and cut it to get a perfect measurement.

Another option is to have a ring resized. As you are looking for a vintage engagement ring the chances are you will fall for a particular style rather than a perfect fit – so you can take it to a jewler to resize after the proposal.

However, in modern times and with many couples choosing to cohabit umarried for man years, the chances are you could avoid a lot of stress by simply collaborating on finding the ring.

There’s a good chance you have already talked about getting engaged – so the next step of talking about rings might be a lot more casual than you expected.

Shopping for a vintage engagement ring together could make a great romantic experience.

Engagement Ring Insurance

You have probably already seen some of the high prices antique engagement rings can fetch. Therefore you may want to consider engagement ring insurance. For a ring under $1000 you can probably add it to your home contents insurance but make sure to tell your insurer and see if they need it listed on the policy as a specified item. You should also keep proof of purchase in case you need to make a claim.

However, sometimes it can be better value to get engagement ring insurance depending on your situation. Many companies offer this service so it is worth comparing quotes to get the best deal.