Top Goth Boots To Have You Spellbound

Goth boots are a staple of the subculture. But that’s not to say its a uniform of conformity. On the contrary, goth boots offer a huge range of designs to suit your personality, from big goth platform boots, pointy cowboy boots or functional goth combat boots. What’s more, many of these styles are common everyday … Read more

Top Steampunk Goggles 2022

steampunk goggles

Steampunk goggles are an essential part of any Steampunk costume. No one is too sure exactly why they have become such a staple. However, many cite the emphasis on Victorian industry. Steampunk tends to be not about calm domestic settings but heavy industry, aviation, submarines and other realms where goggles represent both safety as well … Read more

Our Favourite Steampunk Sunglasses

steampunk sunglasses

One of the many joys of Steampunk fashion is the ability to take advantage of cool modern – or even futuristic looks – with the elegance of the Victorian era. Steampunk sunglasses are a perfect example of that since sunglasses were rare in the 19th Century and came in very traditional spectacle or pince-nez styles, … Read more

How to Buy Top Biker Rings And Gothic Jewelry for Less in 2022


Do you love the look of rockstars like Ozzy and Lemmy whose heavy metal was accompanied by a fistfull of…  heavy metal gothic jewelry? Or the more minimal but iconic biker ring – Keith Richards’ skull ring? Gothic jewelry – especially biker rings – look great wherever you are and whatever you’re wearing. The Great … Read more

How To Buy Halloween Costume Contact Lenses

halloween contact lenses

Looking for a change from your contact lenses? Though lots of people think of purchasing cosplay contact lenses only to match their Halloween costumes, you can actually put on costume contact lenses almost anywhere you can wear normal contacts! There are lots of costume contact lenses available that are affordable and also comfortable, although you … Read more

London Mourns Even More Alternative Venues Shut Down

The Lounge rock venue outside Archway station in north London is to be turned into a nursery and restaurant. While the venue has only resided in part of the closed Archway Tavern building, it has grown into a huge hub for London’s goth and metal scenes that have been forced out of more central establishments like The … Read more

Facing Dystopia With “Into The Badlands”

“This world is built on blood. Nobody is innocent here. Welcome to the Badlands.” Well, contrary to its opening dialogue, blood and a whole of intense production talent built the post-apocalyptic world of Into the Badlands. Who could have been a better fit for the head of costume design than Giovanni Lipari, whose past credits include … Read more

What Does This Designer Pendant Look Like?

Designer jewellers Theo Fennell have unveiled a new design via Facebook that didn’t quite go down as expected. “This pendant was designed by Lukas Grewenig as part of our Gilded Youth initiative,” said the ad. “The design is inspired by the way a goldsmith assesses a stone by placing it between their index and middle … Read more

Check Out These Awesome Beard Beads

Beard beads

Beard beads are a thing – at least they were a big thing about 1000 years ago for our Viking ancestors. But now thanks to The Internet you or a bearded gent in your life can collect a facefull of beard beads in some amazing designs to tame any wild pognotropy. The most common designs … Read more

We Asked You For Your Worst Uses of Sewing Scissors…

you used my sewing scissors for what?

It seems a cliche and yet still no one knows that sewing scissors are for sewing and nothing else. After posting this meme on our social media feeds we couldn’t help but marvel at some of the responses. Some were very relatable, proving its not a problem confined to just a handful of households. Others … Read more