Arrrn’t These the Best Pirate Costumes?

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There’s no denying that a pirate costume is the perfect 18th century costume with a dash of criminal ruthlessness and dandy flair. Loveable rogues like Jack Sparrow have made a buccaneer the go-to dressing up choice for many fans. Recent additions to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have even tempted rock royalty like the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards and Paul McCartney from the Beatles and Wings.

For most of us today a pirate costume is a means of connecting with a sense of adventure – beyond the land and the law. Of course that adventure is only boosted my the prospect of immense wealth, whether pillaged from merchant ships or found buried on a remote island.

Pirate costumes also present ample opportunities both for buying a readymade Halloween costume and making your own DIY pirate costume for cheap so you can save a few doubloons.

Top Men’s Pirate Costumes To Buy Now

Pirates are lazy. Why spend your precious time attempting to craft an outfit when your booty can easily stretch to buying a reasonably priced costume that looks great right out of the box?

California Costumes Men’s Rogue Pirate Costume

Yarr! Tharr she blows! This men’s pirate costume is a top choice for a distinctly Johnny Depp Vibe. The range of accessories included features a shirt with attached vest, Pants, bandana, belt, waist sash and the all-important boot tops that turn your regular shoes into pirate boots!
  • Classic minimalist design
  • Generous plus size costumes available
  • Beautifully accessorised with sash, shoes and belt – although you need to provide your own cutlass, wig and shoes.

Forum Designer Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume

Want to be the dandiest pirate around? This Captain’s costume clearly displays flair and elegance. This pirate costume comes with tricorn hat, lace jabot, jacket, waistcoat, knickers and knee high boot tops, so it looks like the choice of wig is up to you.
  • A more stylish pirate costume with elegant red coat
  • Devilishly curved tricorn hat
  • Comes with a zipped storage bag

Pirate Tricorne Hat

Nothing defines a pirate quite like a good tricorne. The best thing is you can get a historically-accurate wool felt pirate hat very cheaply. This one is lovingly hand-crafted, so your pirate halloween costume can support a craftsperson rather than a mass-production factory churning out low quality items.

The seller puts it accurately by saying “We couldn’t find a plain, authentic looking tricorne hat anywhere – so the only thing left was to make one. It was a big success.”

Wesley Roberts, Dread Pirate Costume

This handmade costume is a high quality replica of the Dread Pirates costume with genuine leather accessories to complete the look.
  • Cotton Shirt w/front lacing
  • Stretch twill pants w/elastic waist for comfort and ease
  • Faux leather boot covers
  • Made to order

Leg Avenue Women’s Plus Size Pirate Captain Costume

Leg Avenue Women's Plus Size Pirate Captain Costume
Ahoy! This sexy pirate costume is a fierce choice with an Axl Rose vibe.