We Asked You For Your Worst Uses of Sewing Scissors…

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It seems a cliche and yet still no one knows that sewing scissors are for sewing and nothing else. After posting this meme on our social media feeds we couldn’t help but marvel at some of the responses. Some were very relatable, proving its not a problem confined to just a handful of households. Others were downright hillarious, if rather tragic. Thus we decided, in an act of solidarity, to group together all the responses in one article so we can vent our shared frustration and form a resource for all future victims of sewing scissors abuse.

Our Top 10 Sewing Scissor Monstrosities

10. “Paper”

The most mundane and yet most common problem as housemates and families simply scoop up the nearest scissors to hand. Extra points if glue was involved.

9. “Anything else!”

Keeping it simple…

8. “Toenails.”

Just no…

7. “Cutting wrapping paper!”

This is a common one for us all. All the hype and secrecy around Christmas and birthday “surprises” means no one feels comfortable asking where the scissors are because it gives the game away.

sewing scissors meme

6. “Fortunately my family know better – they’ve been threatened with excommunication should they even think about using my fabric scissors for anything other than fabric/thread!

This respondent has trained her family well – although god knows at what cost. This gives us all hope.

5. “I relate to this 100%. My roommate once used my shears to open a chip bag and I cried.”

The sound of that metallicy plasticy wrapping flattenning a fine cutting edge, lubricated with salt and fat (shivers).

4. Sticky tape

That gunk’s never going to shift.

He didn't know sewing scissors were only used for cutting fabric. But he knows now.

3. “Murdering someone.”

Hopefully a joke and not making a confession through the medium of fabric shears.

2. “To cut off and open the top of a silicon filled tube used for sealing tiles in a shower.

We’re putting this to the more extreme end when the serial offender of the DIY alpha male gets involved.

1. “Someone once used my embroidery snips to cut up a string of sausages. Not happy.”

And the crowning glory of our most horrific response evoked the sight of dainty embroidery scissors thoroughly lubed with grease and dumped into the sink with the rest of the washing up.